Classic CD

More Light’ may be the first CD of Christopher Fox’s music to appear. It is one of the first releases on Metier, a label which has become an essential outlet for contemporary British composition. Born in 1955, Fox is a fascinating figure. His music seem disparate stylistically, not surprising perhaps when one considers Fox’s avowed rejection of style, rhetoric and gesture in favour of musical process. Certainly he subverts the traditional contract between minimalism and complexity – his pieces have affinities with both. The influences likewise seem diverse. More Light is the major work, its slow music a memorial to the great, lamented American composer Morton Feldman: its request for “more light” ultimately ends in forlorn failure. Complementary Forms is dedicated to British master Michael Finnissy on his fiftieth birthday, while Paired Off is based around Satie’s “Pear-Shaped Pieces”. This is music where the apparently bland exterior discloses a wealth of invention on repeated listening. Pianist Ian Pace’s performances are exceptional and insightful.” – ***** – Andy Hamilton

—Andy Hamilton