Audiophile Sound

This record sees two works of British composer Nicola LeFanu and two of the Australian musician David Lumsdaine. Of the first it presents Invisible Places, for clarinet and string quartet, and Trio 2: Song for Peter, for soprano, cello and clarinet; from the second fire in leaf and grass, for soprano and clarinet, and Mandala 3 for piano, flute, clarinet, viola and cello.
Among the four works, the first and last are definitely those that strike most decidedly; Invisible Places, dating from 1986, was written by the British musician under the influence of Italo Calvino’s famous novel “Invisible Cities”, conceived in terms of a technical combination of keys and based on structuralist theories, while the last work Mandala 3, written in 1978, develops, in the first movement, the chorale “Wir setzen uns mit Tranen” from Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. Timbres, tonal modulations, are hinted at in mininal ways, presenting an allegorical work where the instruments are cemented by the piano. It’s worth mentioning all the performers, starting with soprano Sarah Leonard. For lovers of contemporary music.
Artistic Quality: Outstanding; Technical quality : Excellent

—Andrea Bedetti