American Record Guide

David Dubery (b 1948) hails from South Africa and has lived in England for many years. His music has a traditional flavor to it, and the pieces recorded here are for recorder, oboe, and cello, along with a number of quite lovely songs sung with beautiful intonation and clear diction by Murray. Texts are included.

The instrumental works are quite concise, none of the movements more than 4-1/2 minutes.Dubery’s musical idiom is romantic at heart with a leaning towards jazz. It reminds me somewhat of the music of Judith Lang Zaimont, whose piano pieces I was just listening to, though it is rather more conservative harmonically. It is very pleasant to listen to.

The scoring should be mentioned. The suite from Degrees of Evidence is for recorder, oboe, and viola. The Escapades are for recorder, bassoon, and piano and Walking Cimbrone for bassoon and piano. Harlequinades is for recorder and guitar; Stopfordian Impressions and Mrs Harris in Paris are for recorder and piano. The three songs on Robert Graves poems are for mezzo-soprano, recorder, and piano. The longest suite is only 12-1/2 minutes. Though not particularly deep in its emotional pull, it has much beauty and humor. All of the performers here are competent and seem to be enjoying themselves. I enjoyed it a good deal.

—D Moore