American Record Guide

Boyle’s interpretations are highly idiosyncratic, and may be of interest to people looking for something a little less run of the mill. Her unique playing draws attention to unobvious textures and fascinating harmonies, but while I did find her interpretations refreshing, the recording is not to my liking.

Her tempos are unpredictable and tend towards the slow, deliberate side. Loud stresses are her forte, apparent in I of Sonata 10. It has plenty of clarity, but her phrasing suffers. The tempo is much slower than is appropriate for an allegro moderato. The andante movement crawls closer to an adagio. Sonata 3 makes every single note clear, but the way those notes figure into the large whole of the work often makes them sound disjointed. It is lyrical, but so very slow. I also question whether the tempo choices produce effective contrasts between movements.

—Sang Woo Kang