I would heartily like to recommend “David Dubery- Songs and Chamber Music” ( Metier msv28523) as a superb example of modern chamber music. The music is so lyrical, David really knows how to write for the voice and Adrienne Murray ‘s rich voice with its splendid diction serves the music wonderfully.The virtuoso playing from the eminent musicians, John Turner (recorders) Peter Dixon ( cello) Richard Simpson ( oboe) Richard Williamson ( viola ) Graham Salvage ( bassoon) Craig Ogden ( guitar ) and Paul Janes and David Dubery( piano),is breathtaking.

To take out anyone track to praise above any other is not possible, everything is 5 star!
“Mrs. Harris in Paris”, leaves you really smiling!
This is only some of the work of a fantastic English composer with an enormous output. He should be a household name in the classical music world.!!