Albion Magazine

John Jeffreys is in that unrivalled English school of song composition that included Warlock, Moeran, Ireland, Delius, and Finzi, amongst others. In f act, his songs so thoroughly inhabit their sound world that on this disc his version of Passing By is not terribly different from Warlock’s setting, and Horror Follows Horror sounds like a pastiche of Finzi. The songs are on the whole delightful, if rather samey; a little more variety within Jeffreys’s songs themselves would have been appreciated, as well as some stronger signs of an individual voice. James Gilchrist is the splendid soloist on this disc, his excellent diction and great beauty of tone demonstrated in a wide range of moods, from the power and intensity of I Am the Gilly of Christ to the crooning tenderness of O my Dere Heart.

—Em Marshall