Wind Blown – Sonatas for Wind Instruments


Catalogue No: DDA 25137
EAN/UPC: 809730513725
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Release Date: November 2016
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Discs: 1

Peter Hope is one of those remarkably talented composers whose music is far netter known than his name. An arranger and composer of light music for decades, working with the BBC Concert Orchestra and writing themes for public events, his music has been heard worldwide – and by millions of British watchers of BBC TV News which used Peter’s theme for over a decade.

A selected set of wind soloists present the first CD devoted to Peter Hope’s compositions which are fresh, vigorous and enchanting – and as the composer says, ‘unashamedly tonal’.

Track Listing

    Peter Hope:

  1. I. Sonata for Oboe and Piano − I. Moderato (7:36)
  2. II. Sonata for Oboe and Piano − II. Vivace (2:22)
  3. III. Sonata for Oboe and Piano − III. Allegro (4:17)
  4. I. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano − I. Moderato (4:45)
  5. II. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano − II. Vivace (4:26)
  6. III. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano − III. Freely: Allegro (4:17)
  7. I. Sonata for Recorder and Piano − I. Fantasia (4:25)
  8. II. Sonata for Recorder and Piano − II. Threnody (3:34)
  9. III. Sonata for Recorder and Piano − III. Moto perpetuo (2:42)
  10. I. Sonata for Bassoon and Piano − I. Freely: Allegro inquieto (5:09)
  11. II. Sonata for Bassoon and Piano − II. Lento (3:30)
  12. III. Sonata for Bassoon and Piano − III. Giocoso (2:53)
  13. Tallis Remembered (3:24)
  14. A Walk with my Dog, Molly (5:42)


Recorder Magazine

Peter Hope is a composer whose experience shows in his craftsmanship and idiomatic instrumental writing. His compositional language is at once evident; frequently episodic and lyrical, but also energetic and virtuosic, rewarding as much for listener as player. This fine recording, with very attractive art work on the booklet cover, is a very welcome release from the ever-enterprising Divine Art label.

” —Andrew Mayes

The sonatas on this recording are colorful, entertaining, and an eminently pleasant way to spend an hour. Although all the performances on this disc are more than competent, it is Peter Hope’s music that is the main attraction, tuneful, inventive, and accessible; the works on this recording are wel­come contributions to the wind repertoire… they were wholly successful at brightening my day, a reminder of why we need this kind of music.

” —James V. Maiello
American Record Guide

[Hope’s] music is tuneful, harmonically lush or pungent as appropriate but always comfortingly tonal, unpretentious, and likable. A good portion of this music is quite fetch­ing; much of it is clever; and all of it is shapely, idiomatic, and ingratiating. The piano writing and exchanges between accompaniment and solo instrument are models of clarity and effectiveness. Performances are sensitive and polished and sonics clear, clean, and realistic. Wind players and listeners drawn to their repertoire will find much of interest in these unpretentious and enjoyable sonatas.

” —Mark Lehman

“Hope knows exactly how to deal with each of the instruments used and to emphasize his specific sound qualities. Thus, each of the sonatas is characteristiclly rich in pleasing melodies … excellent color and virtuosity. The performances and recording are of very good quality.”

” —Remy Franck
The Whole Note

“Music that remains by the hearth in the library, caftan-wrapped, brandy snifter at hand, faithful hound at its feet. It is comfortable and, for those seeking such, comforting. All performances are quite good, and the production is untainted by excessive reverb, the sound clean and direct. The piano balances the soloists on all the sonatas, while remaining clear and forthright.”

” —Max Christie