Venus in Landscape


Catalogue No: MSVCD 92019
EAN/UPC: 5019148620365
Release Date: April 1998
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 66:20
Sample: Venus in Landcape (opening)

While continuing to write for “conventional” instruments, Ric Graebner increasingly has turned his attention to electronic forms, as well demonstrated by this CD of pieces, all of which are also designed to be part of a combined audio-visual experience. Unlike many such experiments, the result is a set of pieces of ‘real’ music – very listenable. When we play this in our music cafe, customers cannot believe it’s ‘computer music’.

Track Listing

    Ric Graebner:

  1. Venus in Landscape (16:36)
  2. Fulminar (16:46)
  3. Resurge (16:20)
  4. Divertimento of the Statues (16:38)



On this interesting disc we have four works for tape each lasting about sixteen minutes and they should be listened to as any other music. we have a splendid range of features of classical music: we have a ‘toccata’, a splendid ‘adagio’ with some beautiful music; we have frenetic excitement and remarkable effects. I recommend this disc to introduce people to music for tape. I am sure that the majority will find much to enjoy. The recording is excellent.

” —David Wright