Twists and Turns: Music by Rob Keeley


Catalogue No: MSV 28568
EAN/UPC: 809730856822
Artists: , , , , , , ,
Release Date: September 2017
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 74:59

British composer Rob Keeley lectures in composition at Kings College London – as a pianist he has had works written for him by Birtwistle, Finnissy and many others. As a composer he has produced two symphonies and a wide range of vocal and chamber music; he likes to explore unusual combinations of instruments and this together with his ability to produce delightful works of great originality makes this album exceptionally satisfying. It includes his arrangement of a piece which Harrison Birtwistle wrote for him: unlike Birtwistle’s more infamous works this is a beautiful little piece.

The composer plays harpsichord in several pieces – the other four soloists are all at the top of their respective instrumental ‘trees’ in the UK and well known to Metier customers; two of the three ensembles are specialists in new music and extending technique and repertoire: Pipers 3 is a unique trio of oboes while London Myriad is a flexible ensemble, here configured as a wind quartet (flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon).

Track Listing

    Rob Keeley

  1. Four Anachronistic Dances – I. Allegro vivace
  2. Four Anachronistic Dances – II. Allegretto
  3. Four Anachronistic Dances – III. Intermezzo – Andante
  4. Four Anachronistic Dances – IV. Allegretto, quasi tango
  5. Three Inventions – I. Allegro vivace
  6. Three Inventions – II. Allegretto
  7. Three Inventions – III. Ut-re-mi-fa-sol-la
  8. Interrupted Melody
  9. Breathless Scherzo
  10. Twists and Turns
  11. Diptych – I. Allegro con brio
  12. Diptych – II. Andante
  13. Some Reeds in the Wind – I. Fanfare
  14. Some Reeds in the Wind – II. Pastorale
  15. Some Reeds in the Wind – III. Interlude
  16. Some Reeds in the Wind – IV. A Keening
  17. Some Reeds in the Wind – V. A Final Fanfare
  18. Seven Studies for Wind Quartet – I. Andante
  19. Seven Studies for Wind Quartet – II. Allegretto
  20. Seven Studies for Wind Quartet – III. Duo
  21. Seven Studies for Wind Quartet – IV. Invention a 3
  22. Seven Studies for Wind Quartet – V. Allegro vivace
  23. Seven Studies for Wind Quartet – VI. Andante
  24. Seven Studies for Wind Quartet –
  25. Saraband: The King’s Farewell
  26. Interleaves



Much of Keeley’s writing strikes me as jocular and even tongue-in-cheek, although it is all composed with a solid technique, full of inspired ideas and the knowledge of how to assemble them to form a convincing whole… his music is really his own. Coupled with the excellence of the performances—I can do nothing but sing the praises of each performer heard here—this is a disc that aficionados of contemporary chamber music will not want to miss.

” —David deBoor Canfield
The Chronicle

The sound is somewhere between modern and more traditional. We also found it approachable; perhaps because there are hints of popular music in here, with nods to jazz and even popular classical music.

” —Jeremy Condliffe
Pizzicato (Luxembourg)

British composer Rob Keeley, born in 1960, creates chamber music with unusual casts. Several examples of his particular music form an enjoyable program on this disc. The performances are persuasive and well recorded.(Awarded four ‘stars’)

” —Uwe Krusch
MusicWeb International

The recording quality of all these works is excellent. The playing is outstanding from all the soloists and the ensembles. Rob Keeley certainly has splendid advocates for his music. Stylistically, it is refreshing to hear a composer who has not succumbed to minimalism or a post-modern ‘pop’. Keeley’s music is simultaneously modern, traditional, enjoyable and challenging.

” —John France