Tristan Murail Complete Piano Music


Catalogue No: MSVCD 92097
EAN/UPC: 5060054460224
Release Date: June 2005
Genres: ,
Discs: 2
Total Playing Time: 96:50
Sample: Les Travoux et les Jours: no. 5 (beginning)

Murail’s music belongs to the French tradition of Debussy, Ravel and Messiaen. However it also revitalises the piano for the modern day in a way that is exploratory and startling. His music is not for the piano, it is about the piano, requiring delicacy, spontaneity and an enormous level of skill, such as that displayed by Marilyn Nonken.

Track Listing

    Tristan Murail:

  1. Comme un oeil suspendu et poli par le songe (5:14)
  2. Pres des rives (4:00)
  3. Au melange des eaux (5:26)
  4. Territoires de l’Oubli (28:39)
  5. Cloches d’adieu et un sourire (4:00)
  6. La Mandragore (9:14)
  7. I. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 1 (4:6)
  8. II. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 2 (4:20)
  9. III. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 3 (7:08)
  10. IV. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 4 (2:55)
  11. V. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 5 (2:53)
  12. VI. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 6 (2:43)
  13. VII. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 7 (2:57)
  14. VIII. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 8 (7:43)
  15. IX. Les Travaux et les Jours – part 9 (4:28)


La Folia

Debussy and Messiaen live on in the filigree and chords of Murail’s poetic piano compositions. True to form, Metier captures these atmospheric works and Nonken’s artistry superbly.

” —Grant Chu Covell

While listening I am constantly possessed by an impression of something beyond the world, not conventionally religious, but spiritual. This is music to which I shall be happy to return. As for the performances you can rest assured that in Marilyn Nonken we are hearing a musician of outstanding qualities. It is evident that she knows, strongly characterises and loves this music. She has performed it and many other ‘difficult’ contemporary works all over the world and is a pianist in whom we can trust. Her mastery of Murail’s sonorities and her virtuosity are truly remarkable and demand attention.

” —Gary Higginson