Thomas Fortmann: Sax Music


Catalogue No: MSV 28512
EAN/UPC: 809730851223
Artists: ,
Release Date: March 2009
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 51:40

Thomas Fortmann is a composer with a rich and varied set of styles and inspirations, ranging from jazz, rock (he was a rock musician for many years), German cabaret and theatre-music, to serialism and modernist techniques. This creates a unique soundworld of likeable, fascinating music, often with a distinct sense of humour. These first recordings of music for saxophone (and saxophone quartet) demolish boundaries and are played by some of Europe’s foremost sax players.

The sheet music for Sonkran, Bach Cab, Sonata and Sonatina are published by Muller & Schade of Bern , Switzerland and can be purchased from us.

Track Listing

    Thomas Fortmann:

  1. I. Sonata for Saxophone and Piano – 1. Andante (3:20)
  2. II. Sonata for Saxophone and Piano – 2. Adagio (3:50)
  3. III. Sonata for Saxophone and Piano – 3. Rondo (3:05)
  4. Catholic Blues (6:07)
  5. Bach cab (6:50)
  6. Eben, eben (3:08)
  7. Three Piggies in Clover (4:41)
  8. Sonkran (4:31)
  9. Pop Oh Kakapitl (2:45)
  10. Sonatina (That Goretti Thing) (4:58)
  11. A Little American Night Music (6:30)
  12. A Whale in the Circus (1:50)



Enjoyable stylistic ground…[the Sonata] announces Fortmann as an unstuffy admirer of the colloquial American muse.. Fortmann is no stuffed shirt, no long-hair merchant, and no purveyor of tone-rows. His music is locked into jazz, and rock back-beat and the sinuous song of of saxophonic yearning. His musicians serve him finely, and they’ve been well recorded.

” —Jonathan Woolf
New Classics

This album gathers together for the first time all of Fortmann’s works composed for the saxophone… [they] show Fortmann’s development as a key composer for the instrument. The outstanding performers include Marco Falaschi and the Berlioz Saxophone Quartet.

” —John Pitt
Midwest Record

a fine sax tour de force – a composer who … deserves a wider audience. A real treat for the open eared.

” —Chris Spector