The Jazz Age for Piano Duo


Catalogue No: DDA 25089
EAN/UPC: 809730508929
Composers: , , , , ,
Release Date: October 2010
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 70:43

Above all other periods, the ‘roaring’ 1920s were possibly the years of greatest carefree feeling in British society; America too, to an extent despite the Prohibition and limitations on personal freedom. The new dance crazes, from the foxtrot to the Charleston, Black Bottom and tango, together with the ever increasing popularity of jazz and blues idioms which created the ‘hot dance’ number, created a golden era in light music, which was eagerly taken up by ‘serious’ composers; here we have a parade of gems – major works from Gershwin and Milhaud, to miniatures full of fun. Exquisitely performed as ever by Britain’s top duo.

Track Listing

    George Gershwin:

  1. An American in Paris (18:37)
  2. Edward Burlingame hill:

  3. I. Jazz Studies for Two Pianos − I. Allegretto, sempre giocoso (1:30)
  4. II. Jazz Studies for Two Pianos − II. Allegretto vivace (1:36)
  5. III. Jazz Studies for Two Pianos − III. Tempo giusto (2:45)
  6. IV. Jazz Studies for Two Pianos − IV. Vivace (2:47)
  7. Darius Milhaud:

  8. La creation du monde (15:43)
  9. Alexander Moyzes:

  10. I. Jazz Sonata for Two Pianos, op. 14 − I. Allegro – tempo di slow-fox (5:21)
  11. II. Jazz Sonata for Two Pianos, op. 14 − II. Tempo di valse lento (3:50)
  12. III. Jazz Sonata for Two Pianos, op. 14 − III. Andante – tempo di fox-trott (5:18)
  13. Matyas Seiber:

  14. I. Easy Dances − Foxtrot (0:38)
  15. II. Easy Dances − Paso Doble (0:42)
  16. III. Easy Dances − Tango (Habanera) (1:05)
  17. IV. Easy Dances − Foxtrot II (0:39)
  18. V. Easy Dances − Blues (1:17)
  19. VI. Easy Dances − Rumba (0:45)
  20. VII. Easy Dances − Tango Argentino (0:53)
  21. VIII. Easy Dances − Slow-Fox (0:35)
  22. IX. Easy Dances − Ragtime (0:25)
  23. X. Easy Dances − Charleston (0:39)
  24. Hoagy Carmichael:

  25. Star Dust (4:13)
  26. George Gershwin:

  27. Embraceable You (1:23)



The performances by [Anthony] Goldstone and his wife, Caroline Clemmow, are absolutely right in terms of rhythmic feeling and musical nuance. Yet more importantly, this recording says a lot—but not all—about the early cross-pollination of classical music and jazz, a crossbreed that flourished sporadically, almost spastically, one might say, over the next century. The particular arrangements [of the last two items] are highly inventive and sparkling. Overall, a highly recommended disc. – Lynn René Bayley

” —Lynn René Bayley

What an excellent idea, and what fine execution. And not only these two qualities, but a third one too – real listening pleasure. This is a sparkling and vivacious disc, marvellously played.

” —Jonathan Woolf

It is easy to recommend this unique disc that shows the widespread … influence of jazz on world music, and that contains several world premiere recordings. For many the Milhaud alone would make it worth acquiring.

” —Michael Ullman
New England Regional Press

I am such an admirer of the duo piano recordings of Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow. What a treat! [I] was delighted to see the works contained [on this CD]. Much recommended to one and all

” —Frank Behrens
Audiophile Audition

Maybe the first two-piano album devoted to jazzy-sounding works. The… works are of great interest, and the special arrangements that close out the program are a total delight.

” —John Sunier
New Classics

Hugely enjoyable

Jazz UK

Confident… rewarding listening

” —Roger Thomas
Midwest Record

Some super pleaser material but a varied program… listening that takes you back a century or so … but sounds modern as well. Expertly played and a gasser to listen to. Well done.

” —Chris Spector
The Guardian

Jaunty jazzy studies and sonatas get a new lease of life in this engaging selection

” —Stephen Pritchard