The Great War Remembered in Songs and Poems


Catalogue No: DDV 24164
EAN/UPC: 809730416422
Artists: ,
Composers: , ,
Release Date: August 2017
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 55:37

The long and vibrant tradition of art-song in England has seen many great composers from Finzi to Vaughan Williams, Gurney to Moeran and Warlock and countless more, supported for many years now by the English Poetry and Song Society.

This is the third of four albums of live EPSS concert performances made by Dunelm for private use and now on general release due to demand; it contains works by major composers and also the seven excellent finalists in the EPSS competition of 2004. The concert commemorates the tragic victims of the 1914-8 war including poet/composer Ivor Gurney amongst others.

These EPSS recordings were made on portable recording equipment and with less than ideal microphone placement and are not to our usual modern standard. However they contain fine performances and many very unfamiliar and exquisite songs, which will delight any lover of late-Romantic vocal music.

Track Listing


  1. I want to go home
  2. Ivor Gurney

  3. The Dying Patriot
  4. Everyone Sang
  5. If We Return
  6. In Flanders
  7. In Memoriam, Easter 1915
  8. I Heard a Soldier
  9. Geraint Lewis

  10. It’s not going to happen again
  11. The Treasure
  12. Clouds
  13. Song
  14. Geoffrey Kimpton

  15. Winter Warfare
  16. Margaret Wegener

  17. The Cenotaph
  18. John R. Williamson

  19. Before the battle
  20. I stood with the dead
  21. Duncan Reid

  22. I did not lose my heart
  23. Dennis Wickens

  24. Attack
  25. Elaine Hugh-Jones

  26. The End
  27. John Ireland

  28. The Soldier
  29. Blind
  30. The Cost
  31. The Dead
  32. Jerome Kern

  33. We’ll Never Tell Them



If you have been waiting for this series to appear on disc, as I have, here is your chance. Those who have not yet caught the English art song bug may wish to explore elsewhere. But come back here for the rarities.

” —Ronald E. Grames
American Record Guide

Jeremy Huw Williams is a subtle singer with effectively nuanced phrasing. He is accompanied steadily by Nigel Foster in some challenging songs. This series will appeal to lovers of 20th Century English song, particularly if they are interested in worthy songs that have fallen by the wayside and are unlikely to be available elsewhere.

” —Robert A Moore