The Great Violins, vol. 2 1647 Niccolo Amati (Ole Bull)


Catalogue No: ATH 23205
EAN/UPC: 809730320521
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Release Date: July 2016
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Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 63:16
Sample: Edvard Grieg: Digterens Hjerte

The second installment of our new, ambitious project of enormous musical and historic importance: to record works on many of the world’s most valuable, historic and revered instruments. In some cases there will actually be first recordings of major works newly discovered…here we present the beloved ‘Pearl’ of legendary Norwegian violinist Ole Bull in a reconstruction of a typical Salon Concert, by which Bull found fame around Europe and in the USA. Transport yourself back to the early years of the 20th century…

This series is supported by the Royal Academy of Music, London; the Library of Congress, Washington DC, and several other fine institutions (and private collectors) whose assistance in providing recording facilities and in allowing access to these wonderful instruments makes this undertaking possible.

Track Listing

    Ole Bull:

  1. Siciliana for Michael Glinka (2:24)
  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

  3. I. Violin Sonata in G major, K.301 – I. Allegro con moto (11:29)
  4. II. Violin Sonata in G major, K.301 – II. Allegro (4:59)
  5. Toreir Augundsson:

  6. Bruremarsj (2:34)
  7. Charles Gounod:

  8. Meditation sur le premier prelude de piano de Bach (4:19)
  9. Ole Bull:

  10. Quartetto per un violino solo (0:48)
  11. Guitar-Serenade (1:25)
  12. Aurora (3:12)
  13. 2 Springdandser (1:46)
  14. 2 Hallinger – No. 2 (2:12)
  15. Fanitullen (1:50)
  16. Edvard Greig:

  17. Digterens Hjerte (1:22)
  18. Ole Bull/Peter Sheppard Skaerved:

  19. American Fantasy (11:02)
  20. Gaetano Braga:

  21. La Serenata (2:52)
  22. Anders Heydahl:

  23. Nissespel, Op. 11 (3:08)
  24. Ole Bull:

  25. Et Saeterbesog (7:51)


Joseph Magil

“I was very interested when this arrived. This release is an interesting exploration of music that was or might have been played by one of the great romantic artists on one of his prized violins. The Amati is obviously excellent and sounds fine on all strings and all registers. It is good to be able to hear it again playing the music that so many heard from it when it was played by its greatest owner.”

” —American Record Guide
The Chronicle

This CD is presented as a salon concert, and has the qualities one would expect of such a concert: a more intimate feel but also playing of the very highest standard. . Overall, the CD is a delight — playful, accessible and entertaining — with Skærved joined by Roderick Chadwick on piano.

” —Jeremy Condliffe
MusicWeb International

Fascinating and absorbing … Skærved has recreated one of Bull’s historical recitals and presented it ‘as it would have been’: mainly works that would not be found in many concert programmes today, but back in the mid-1800s it would have been an amazingly popular and innovative choice. I was impressed by the sound quality of this CD. Every note was clear: the tone of this historical violin is displayed and played to perfection and the piano (where used) is in ideal balance. Enthusiasts of historical violins will be eagerly awaiting succeeding volumes of this most worthy and enjoyable project.

” —John France
Music Voice

The sound [of the 1647 Amati] is powerful, but also round and mellow and beautiful, the violin captures perfectly the masterpiece that is the Mozart Sonata in G major K. 301. But it is the rest of the program, similar to what Ole Bull usually presented in his musical soirées, which shows fully what this Amati is capable of … a unique, fascinating, seductive timbre. Peter Sheppard Skærved is not far behind [Bull], as his technique and his musicality allow him to extract from the violin every nuance and harmonious phrase. This is a record that will please all those who love the violin.

” —Andrea Bedetti