The English Flute


Catalogue No: DDA 25061
EAN/UPC: 809730506123
Artists: ,
Composers: , , , , , , ,
Release Date: September 2007
Genres: , ,
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 73;04

A fine recital of 20th century music for flute and piano by English composers including some rare pieces, all melodic and memorable. A special recording as it features the traditional “English” wooden flute rather than the metal flute now more prevalent. Its warm tone embellishes these works even more.

Track Listing

    Edwdard German:

  1. I. Suite for Flute and Piano − Valse Gracieuse (3:24)
  2. II. Suite for Flute and Piano − Souvenir (4:18)
  3. III. Suite for Flute and Piano − Gypsy dance (3:54)
  4. Christopher Redgate:

  5. I. Three Folk Songs − Barbara Ellen (3:23)
  6. II. Three Folk Songs − Green Bushes (3:07)
  7. III. Three Folk Songs − The Wraggle taggle Gypsies, O! (1:57)
  8. Michael Head:

  9. By the River in Spring (7:52)
  10. Arnold Cooke:

  11. I. Sonatina − 1. Allegro moderato (3:42)
  12. II. Sonatina − 2. Andantino (2:42)
  13. III. Sonatina − 3. Allegro vivace (2:25)
  14. Edwin York Bowen:

  15. I. Flute Sonata, op. 120 − 1. Allegro non troppo (7:45)
  16. II. Flute Sonata, op. 120 − 2. Andante piacevole (4:39)
  17. III. Flute Sonata, op. 120 − 3. Allegro con fuoco (4:21)
  18. John Tavener:

  19. Greek Interlude (10:48)
  20. Frederic Griffith:

  21. Danse Nègre (2:48)
  22. Charles Stainer:

  23. Etude in D minor (3:11)


International Record Review

I can’t think of a single modern player who makes a sound to rival the amber-toned, oak-aged ravishing tone that radiates from Celia Redgate’s flute. Redgate and Dussek play with supreme naturalness; mellifluous tone and impeccable technique… effortless phrasing and enchanting musical presence. Glowingly recorded and played with exemplary taste and skill, this is one of the most distinguished flute discs to have come my way in a long time.

” —Julian Haylock
Pan Magazine

The high points of the CD are for me [the works by Bowen and Redgate]. Michael Dussek is a first-rate accompanist. The message of this CD is that simple is beautiful. Don’t just take my word for it, buy the disc

” —Richard Stagg

Redgate performs all this attractive material with conspicuous flair, grace and discrimination (vibrato is kept within tasteful bounds). I need merely add that Michael Dussek accompanies with the utmost sympathy, and the recorded sound is nicely intimate and beautifully balanced to boot.

” —Andrew Achenbach
American Review

The playing is first class. Michael Dussek… partners Celia Redgate beautifully. Recommended highly.

Albion Magazine

Redgate and Dussek are an excellent partnership on this disc of light, lovely music.

” —Em Marshall
Land Of Lost Content

Among a variety of good things there is German’s Suite for Flute & Piano. The Suite is an attractive piece of ‘quintessentially English music. In fact the middle movement, the Souvenir, is a perfect miniature that well balances sentimentality with retrospection.

” —John France
Midwest Record

Presented in a proper English fashion…high toned listening throughout. It almost transports you to a drawing room in another time and place.

” —Chris Spector