Tchaikovsky PC2/Shostakovich Sym. 9


Catalogue No: ATH 23016
EAN/UPC: 5022736101627
Artists: , ,
Release Date: August 1998
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 73:34

ANDREAS BOYDE (piano, plays the Tchaikovsky 2nd Piano Concerto with the Freiburg Philharmonic conducted by Johannes Fritzsch which also performs the magnificent 9th Symphony of Dmitri Shostakovich.

Just re-issued by demand, this CD attracted rave reviews on its original release: “one of the best interpretations I have yet heard… fabulous” – (Fanfare)

“Sensational” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten)

A Freiburger Edition Live Concert Recording in association with Sudwestfunk Landsstudio. Total playing time 73.34.

Track Listing

    Peter Il’ich Tchaikovsky:

  1. I. Piano Concerto No. 2 in G major, Op. 44 – Allegro brillante (21:28)
  2. II. Piano Concerto No. 2 in G major, Op. 45 – Andante non troppo (15:10)
  3. III. Piano Concerto No. 2 in G major, Op. 46 – Allegro con fuoco (8:30)
  4. Dmitri Shostakovich:

  5. I. Symphony No. 9 in E flat major, Op. 70 – Allegro (5:50)
  6. II. Symphony No. 9 in E flat major, Op. 71 – Moderato (8:41)
  7. III. Symphony No. 9 in E flat major, Op. 72 – Presto (3:06)
  8. IV. Symphony No. 9 in E flat major, Op. 73 – Largo (3:26)
  9. V. Symphony No. 9 in E flat major, Op. 74 – Allegretto (7:22)



Undeniable proof that clarity does not have to be sacrificed to excitement: Boyde turns in one of the best interpretations I have yet heard. It’s a fabulous reading, tender and blisteringly exciting by turns, with a dexterity that suggests Horowitz himself

” —Martin Anderson

Good to see the re-appearance of this disc – first issued and reviewed here in the very early days of the site. These performances are taken from live events – witness the applause and the occasional cough – for example at 6:56 in the first movement of the Tchaikovsky. Boyde pulls off the storming stuff […]

” —Rob Barnett

Andreas Boyde is exactly the man for the job… Boyde more than any brings out the music in the notes. Boyde is splendidly matched by conductor Johannes Fritzsch who is equally sympathetic to the score, [In the Shostakovich}, too, the Freiburgers turn in top-notch playing…. Their performance fairly crackles with excitement.

” —Robert Markow
MusicWeb International

This disc preserves in the Athene label’s “Outstanding Concert Performance Series” a live program presented by the Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra on 13 and 14 January, 1997. The back cover finds the concerto soloist, pianist Andreas Boyde, earning a much bigger, bolder credit than either orchestra or conductor (Johannes Fritzsch). A listen to the album reveals […]

” —Brian Reinhart
MusicWeb International

Boyde pulls off the storming stuff but is also very satisfying at spinning the cantabile. It’s a celebration in romantic exuberance. No wonder the audience greeted it so enthusiastically. This is a fine live event with all the associated frisson of risk and spontaneity. The playing in those faster movements [of the Shostakovich] is remarkable

” —Rob Barnett
MusicWeb International

Boyde makes detail come to life; he has an amazing capacity to build up long piano solos thereby making them full of interest. His cadenzas are breathtaking and the clarity of his finger work is stunning… he generates tremendous excitement. He has enviable lyrical gifts … The orchestra and conductor must also be congratulated. The exemplary recording greatly aids the clarity of detail.

” —David Wright

This performance [of the Tchaikovsky] has the electricity of a live performance and … it is well-nigh perfect. I’ve been very impressed [with Boyde]. I particularly liked [the orchestra’s] ability to convey the sassiness [of the Shostakovich]. And then there’s the bargain price. All in all, a recommended recording.

” —Scott Morrison