Sullivan: Cox & Box


Catalogue No: DDV 24104
EAN/UPC: 5028117410424
Artists: , , ,
Release Date: April 1999
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 62:42
Sample: Who are You, Sir? (extract)

LEON BERGER, IAN KENNEDY and DONALD FRANCKE with Kenneth Barclay (piano)

THE ORIGINAL 1866 VERSION – this recording was first issued on limited edition cassette by the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society in 1984 and was highly praised. In 1995, a reviewer in “BBC Music Magazine” expressed his wish to see this production on CD, and so here it is!

Ian Kennedy was described by one critic as “the best Box on record”. An uninhibited interpretation of this high musical farce. Not to be missed by any G&S or musical comedy fan.

Track Listing

    Arthur Sullivan:

  1. I. Cox and Box – Dialogue: Cox and Box (1:43)
  2. II. Cox and Box – Rataplan (Bouncer’s Song (2:56)
  3. III. Cox and Box – Dialogue: Cox and Bouncer (1:33)
  4. IV. Cox and Box – Stay, Bouncer, Stay (7:04)
  5. V. Cox and Box – Dialogue: Box and Bouncer (5:43)
  6. VI. Cox and Box – A Lullaby (The Bacon Song) (3:25)
  7. VII. Cox and Box – My Master is Punctual (1:15)
  8. VIII. Cox and Box – Dialogue: Cox and Box (3:01)
  9. IX. Cox and Box – Who are you, Sir? (4:49)
  10. X. Cox and Box – Dialogue: Box, Cox, Bouncer (3:01)
  11. XI. Cox and Box – The Buttercup (2:46)
  12. XII. Cox and Box – Dialogue: Cox and Box (2:19)
  13. XII. Cox and Box – Not Long Ago (5:20)
  14. XIV. Cox and Box – Dialogue: Cox,Box, Bouncer (4:11)
  15. XV. Cox and Box – Sixes (The Gambling Duet) (4:20)
  16. XVI. Cox and Box – Dialogue: Box, Cox, Bouncer (6:26)
  17. XVII. Cox and Box – My Hand upon It (1:50)



the performance has real flair and accomplishment

BBC Music Magazine

Professionally performed and comically expert

Penguin Guide To Compact Discs

lively… enjoyable… spirited and polished performance

” —Edward Greenfield

Recorded at a 1984 performance, this is the world-première issue of the original 60-minute Cox and Box. The performance is delightful. Leon Berger is a rough and ready Cox, and Ian Kennedy a mellifluous Box. Kenneth Barclay keeps the proceedings moving smartly on the piano. Highly recommended for all Savoyards

” —James Camner
Classic CD

strongly recommended….⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

” —Michael Scott Rohan
Opera Quarterly

earnest dedication to authenticity…..Donald Francke is genuinely funny…