Signs of Occupation


Catalogue No: MSV 28559
EAN/UPC: 809730855924
Artists: ,
Release Date: September 2016
Genres: , , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 70:27

This is new music in every sense – avant-garde, yet essentially straightforward – music pared to its core, not minimalism but avoiding dense and detailed structures. The music has no ostentatious virtuosity but simple, ordinary sounds, mixed and repeated in evolving combinations, and in different ways in each piece, from the loop-building in Looping Busker Music, to the detuned strings of the solo guitar in Digger.

Several of today’s foremost instrumentalists of the new music scene appear (see track list below).

Also available is James Weeks’ first Metier CD, the acclaimed ‘TIDE’ (MSV 28532)

Track Listing

    James Weeks:

  1. Looping Busker Music (13:22)
  2. I. Three Trios – I. July ’10 (9:19)
  3. II. Three Trios – II. February ’11 (9:48)
  4. III. Three Trios – III. November ’11 (8:39)
  5. Signs of Occupation (12:38)
  6. Digger (6:07)
  7. Common Ground (10:33)



“Signs of Occupation represents an intro­duction to the varied musical perspectives of this eclectic composer. The performers’ response to the demands of the music is sensitive and com­mitted to revealing its complexities, a richly rewarding experience that occupies the listening space long after the music has finished.”

” —Lauren Redhead

“Recorded with a dry, strikingly clear sonic perspective, this is an intriguing wander through a mind filled with culture and creativity. The beauty of such a canvas is that what you discover throws your own thoughts into sharp relief – it’s not so much about the pieces themselves, but what kind of mirror they hold up to the listener.”

” —Dominy Clements
The Rambler

“Listening to James Weeks’s recent CD Signs of Occupation (métier msv 28559) against the backdrop of the last few days, I find myself drawn to its sheer robustness as much as anything else. In sombre moments, I sometimes imagine what art, what music, would be left in the instance of a Station Eleven-type apocaplyse… the music with the most fighting chance would be that which made the least demands on resources… Weeks’s chamber pieces, several of them represented on Signs of Occupation, are exemplary. While Weeks’s music is far from easy, I don’t believe its successful realisation depends upon expertise (and specialisation) so much as dedication – a product of desire and time, a very different proposition.”

” —Tim Rutherford-Johnson
The Chronicle

“It’s an interesting CD, music pared back to the minimum. Worth investigation if you’re adventurous.”

” —Jeremy Condliffe