Sadie Harrison: Taking Flight


Catalogue No: MSVCD 92053
EAN/UPC: 5019148627616
Artists: , , , , , ,
Release Date: March 2000
Genres: , , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 73:29
Sample: Taking Flight (extract)

Sadie Harrison’s music is instantly recognisable from that of any other composer of her generation. She has a potent sense of instrumental colour and a distinctive rhythmic vigour permeates all of her output. Here a programme of her exotic chamber music is presented by leading musicians in the contemporary music field.

Track Listing

    Sadie Harrison:

  1. Taking Flight (20:24)
  2. Traceries (7:32)
  3. I. Impresa Amorosa – 1. Falcon (1:33)
  4. II. Impresa Amorosa – 2. Tortoise (0:21)
  5. III. Impresa Amorosa – 3. Saltire Cross (2:30)
  6. IV. Impresa Amorosa – 4. Porcupine (0:53)
  7. V. Impresa Amorosa – 5. Lizard (3:08)
  8. VI. Impresa Amorosa – 6. Labyrinth (3:00)
  9. VII. Impresa Amorosa – 7. Candle (3:16)
  10. Arcosolia (8:52)
  11. I. Aster – 1. Aster I (1:22)
  12. II. Aster – 2. Secret (2:05)
  13. III. Aster – 3. Love the Gambler (3:45)
  14. IV. Aster – 4. Echo (4:54)
  15. V. Aster – 5. Love the Conqueror (4:32)
  16. VI. Aster – 6. Aster II (2:04)


Classical London

This is said to be the first recording devoted to music by Sadie Harrison, and it shows her to have a compelling, distinctive, and passionate compositional voice. The performances on this disc are generally very good, and the recorded sound excellent… this disc is definitely worth exploring.

” —Unnamed reviewer

Rhythm and lyricism held in perfect balance in a young Australian composer’s rewarding programme of chamber and vocal works. The playing is shapely and eloquent, the recording well-defined to a fault. This is a debut which leaves you eager to hear more from such a versatile and accomplished composer.

” —Unknown reviewer
La Folia

I am indebted for the discovery of this remarkable Australian’s music. The title work, the string quartet Taking Flight… [is] I think, a masterpiece. Great performances all, and nicely recorded.

” —Grant Chu Covell

A highly recommendable recording.

” —Unnamed reviewer
Hifi News And Record Review

Music of real individuality and purpose, in excellent recordings.

” —Unknown reviewer
The Wire

Harrison’s music is often beguiling and has vivid extra-musical resonances. She’s in the category of what could be described as domesticated modernism – tonal composers who are aware of modernist gestures while aware of the danger of audience-alienation. Harrison is a composer to look out for.

” —Andy Hamilton
Records International

individual and unusual.

” —Unnamed reviewer
MCA Music Forum

I’d be pleased to hear more of this interesting young woman’s work.

” —Unknown reviewer
The Sunday Times

Sadie Harrison has an original imagination that expresses itself in a fluent, thoughtfully poetic language.

” —Stephen Pettitt