Sackman & Nicholson Quartets


Catalogue No: MSVCD 92016
EAN/UPC: 809730201622
Composers: ,
Release Date: August 1998
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 46:10
Sample: Nicholson Quartet - section III (ext.)

British composers Nicholas Sackman (b. 1950) and George Nicholson (b.1949) have produced some of the finest chamber music of modern times! On this disc the BOCHMANN QUARTET plays: Nicholas Sackman’s String Quartet no. 2 and George Nicholson’s String Quartet no. 3.

Track Listing

    Nicholas Sackman:

  1. I. String Quartet no. 2 – First section (8:54)
  2. II. String Quartet no. 2 – Second Section (5:55)
  3. III. String Quartet no. 2 – Third section (8:38)
  4. George Nicholson:

  5. I. String Quartet no. 3 – First section (3:50)
  6. II. String Quartet no. 3 – Second Section (6:08)
  7. III. String Quartet no. 3 – Third Section (3:50)
  8. IV. String Quartet no. 3 – Fourth Section (3:26)
  9. V. String Quartet no. 3 – Fifth Section (5:25)



These are quartets of substance from two British composers… Dedicated playing from the Bochmann Quartet, with suitably close, focused sound.

” —Richard Whitehouse

The Bochmann Quartet… prove inspired and dedicated performers in these substantial additions to the British string quartet canon.

” —Hubert Culot

[The Sackman piece] is a genuine string quartet and, therefore, a rarity. A truly memorable work. One hesitates to say it but it is almost a perfect work. Nicholson’s quartet is the more profound in statement whereas the Sackman is more immediate. But both quartets are works of a rare and distinctive quality and the Bochmann Quartet’s performances are convincing. I would not want to be without this disc.

” —David Wright