Russian Piano Music Vol. 2 – Rebikov


Catalogue No: DDA 25081
EAN/UPC: 809730508127
Release Date: February 2010
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 70:05

Apart from the regular use of some his works in examination syllabuses, the music of Rebikov (1866-1920) is shockingly neglected – most items on this CD are receiving their first recording – and this is the composer who was once called ‘the father of Russian modernism’. One of the first proponents of the whole-tone scale, his music is in a bewildering array of styles, foreshadowing composers as diverse as Debussy, Stravinsky, Copland and Villa-Lobos.

The music here, apart from the 20-minute Esclavage et liberté, consists of a number of suites of impressionist music. Modern, but bright, direct and often humorous music makes Rebikov the perfect composer for pianists and piano enthusiasts whatever their preferences in genre.

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Track Listing

    Vladimir Rebikov:

  1. Les demons s’amusent, Op. 15 no. 2 (0:50)
  2. Les geants danse, Op. 27 no. 1 (0:59)
  3. I. Feuilles d’automne, op. 29 − I Con tristessa (1:17)
  4. II. Feuilles d’automne, op. 29 − II Pregando (1:49)
  5. III. Feuilles d’automne, op. 29 − III Con afflizione (1:39)
  6. IV. Feuilles d’automne, op. 29 − IV Con dolore (1:27)
  7. V. Feuilles d’automne, op. 29 − V Con tristessa e tenerezza (1:25)
  8. VI. Feuilles d’automne, op. 29 − VI Lugubre (2:15)
  9. I. Une fete, op. 38 − I Vivo (0:28)
  10. II. Une fete, op. 38 − II Vivo (0:49)
  11. III. Une fete, op. 38 − III Allegro (0:25)
  12. IV. Une fete, op. 38 − IV Vivo (0:28)
  13. V. Une fete, op. 38 − V Presto (0:23)
  14. VI. Une fete, op. 38 − VI Vivo (0:26)
  15. VII. Une fete, op. 38 − VII Andante (0:35)
  16. I. Chansons Blanches, op. 48 − I Allegretto (1:42)
  17. II. Chansons Blanches, op. 48 − II Lento (1:27)
  18. III. Chansons Blanches, op. 48 − III Vivo (0:37)
  19. IV. Chansons Blanches, op. 48 − IV Alleegretto (1:14)
  20. Esclavage et liberte, op. 22 (19:25)
  21. I. Two Episodes from yolka, op. 21 − Valse (2:07)
  22. II. Two Episodes from yolka, op. 21 − Tanz der Chinesischen Puppen (2:32)
  23. I. Trois idylles, op. 50 − I Hymne au soleil (1:40)
  24. II. Trois idylles, op. 50 − II Dans un vaste espace (1:55)
  25. III. Trois idylles, op. 50 − III Parmi les fleurs (1:56)
  26. I. Scenes bucoliques, op. 28 − I Danse des vignes (1:03)
  27. II. Scenes bucoliques, op. 28 − II Pastorelle (1:10)
  28. III. Scenes bucoliques, op. 28 − III Danse des bergerettes (1:47)
  29. IV. Scenes bucoliques, op. 28 − IV Danse des bergers (1:19)
  30. V. Scenes bucoliques, op. 28 − V Ronde des elfes (1:28)
  31. I. Tableaux pour enfants, op. 37 − I Une fillette implore sa mere (1:17)
  32. II. Tableaux pour enfants, op. 37 − II La lecon de musique (1:13)
  33. III. Tableaux pour enfants, op. 37 − III Vision du monde antique (1:33)
  34. IV. Tableaux pour enfants, op. 37 − IV Moment joyeux (0:48)
  35. V. Tableaux pour enfants, op. 37 − V L’escarpolette (0:33)
  36. VI. Tableaux pour enfants, op. 37 − VI La promenade des gnomes (0:46)
  37. VII. Tableaux pour enfants, op. 37 − VII Une histoire triste qui finit bien (1:27)
  38. I. Parmi eux, op. 35 − I Ils dansent (1:09)
  39. II. Parmi eux, op. 35 − II Danse avec une cloche (0:30)
  40. III. Parmi eux, op. 35 − III Berceuse (1:26)
  41. IV. Parmi eux, op. 35 − IV danse du quadrupede (1:12)
  42. V. Parmi eux, op. 35 − V Elles dansent (0:45)
  43. VI. Parmi eux, op. 35 − VI danse des petits (0:50)


Midwest Record

Goldstone raises another worthy composer from the dust bin of time and gives him his due.  You can play a lot of musical chicken/egg games here as some of his works predated masters you know yet seem eerily similar.  A great bit of hide and seek for classical enthusiasts that want to dig deeper without have to go on a scavenger hunt to do so.

” —Chris Spector
Classical Pointers

This Russian Music series has much to commend it for musical explorers. The comprehensive notes draw you into this unique composer’s world, and he plays all the music with a winning flair.. Warmly recommended.

” —Peter Grahame Woolf
New Classics

Anthony Goldstone is one of Britain’s most respected pianists. Despite his considerable achievements – he has been called ‘the father of Russian modernism’ – Rebikov has been driven to the margins of musical history.. . Anthony Goldstone’s formidable playing is technically superb and articulate, revealing all the passion and colour in this little heard music.

” —John Pitt

All of Goldstone’s discs are highly satisfying, played with power and conviction…. his solo recordings are all of immense interest.

” —Marius Dawn
OzArts Review

This is a most welcome addition to the discography of Russian music for the piano. Enterprising and adventurous pianist.

” —Neville Cohn

Rebikov’s music is quite unlike anything I have heard before: imaginatively designed yet conspicuously original and searching. [Rebikov’s] neglect is not only unfathomable, but also sinful… his music is consistently of a high, imaginative, unpretentious order. Goldstone brings out those aforementioned qualities cogently yet with .. hypnotizing sensibilities. The recording is aptly spacious and the overall presentation (essay included) is splendid. Enthusiastically recommended.

” —David Hollingsworth
International Piano

“I have to say that in every case [Goldstone’s] performances are more convincing than Somero’s. Goldstone manages to inject rhythmic variety and élan where Somero is turgid and stubbornly earthbound.”

” —Jouni Somero
Glasgow Herald

Here is a revelation. The music on this CD… should really have music lovers sitting up. It is abundantly original. Pianist Anthony Goldstone’s championship is authoritative and gripping.

” —Michael Tumelty

Divine Art has truly struck gold with this release…simply buy this disc and hear for yourself – Rebikov was a genius of monumental proportions. As for the performances, Goldstone is a pianist of formidable technique and astonishing coordination. Not only are both hands in perfect synch, but..he makes the difficult sound easy without underplaying the drama in so many of these short works. I cannot recommend this disc highly enough.

” —Lynn René Bayley
Audiophile Audition

Delightful and stylistically varied miniatures. Adventurous British pianist Anthony Goldstone has done us a favour by discovering these engrossing miniatures and performing them with verve and understanding.

” —Robert Moon
Classics Online

Rebikov was an innovator… all these landmark pieces are included in this album, played with musicality by Goldstone… enjoyable to listen to and … very accessible. In short this is a rather valuable premiere of Rebikov’s music… this is highly recommended.

” —JY89484

This is a nice collection of CDs of the Russian piano repertoire… Anthony Goldstone is an interpreter we can’t overlook. The repertoire he presents is not just special and precious, but also put forward with remarkable cultural intelligence. Goldstone convinces and charms us

” —Riccardo Risaliti

I was bowled over by Anthony Goldstone’s consummate artistry and sheer virtuosity in these multi faceted pieces… Fastidiously detailed notes and fine recordings complement what must be one of the highlights of piano recordings this year.

” —Gerald Fenech
MusicWeb International

Rebikov managed often to fuse traditional and experimental harmonies convincingly… to marry, seemingly paradoxically, remoteness and warmth. Anthony Goldstone is wholeheartedly to be commended on his playing. He reaches into the heart of the Rebikovian dilemma and produces performances of intensity and suggestive tonality. And with detailed notes and excellent recorded sound, this stakes a permanent claim on the listener.

” —Jonathan Woolf