Neglected Areas of Piano Teaching


Catalogue No: DB002

Trevor Barnard’s career as a concert pianist burst into public attention with his pioneering recording of the Arthur Bliss Piano Concerto for EMI in 1962 (now on Diversions 24106). After a short spell in the USA he moved to Australia where he has enjoyed a successful career as a teacher at several institutions including, until his retirement at the end of 2003, The University of Melbourne.

He revived his recording career in the mid 1990s and made several recordings for Divine Art (see his profile page for details and links). This concise volume deals with various areas of piano teaching which the author believes are often overlooked and is a useful tool for both piano teachers and students. The book is available both in printed form (glossy softback) and as a pdf download.


Since the book was published, the author wrote an article on rhythm, entitled ‘Developing technique into musicality’



Piano Professional

There are six chapters…and all deal with important technical issues. Of more use to aspiring self-taught students who need specific guidance.

” —Nadia Lasserson
The Studio

I can highly recommend this not only as an invaluable resource in the day-to-day teaching situation but also for those teachers involved in pedagogy studies.

” —Rita Crews

An excellent book for both teachers and students, not only covering very important written guidelines in studying piano techniques but accompanying these with musical examples from well-known compositions… very easy to read and understand

” —June McLean
Piano Magazine

Good advice abounds, much of it grounded in pure common sense and all of it presented with a simplicity that never hints at condescension

” —Alan Blakelock