Nan Schwartz & Brenton Broadstock – Orchestral Music


Catalogue No: DDA 25165
EAN/UPC: 809730516528
Artists: , ,
Composers: ,
Release Date: March 2018
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 67:20

As a woman composer who has carved an enviable reputation inside the crucible of the Hollywood Film Music business, Nan Schwartz nonetheless remains an enigma to orchestras and concert music audiences around the world. This apparent anomaly can, in part, be ascribed to the imbalance in respect to opportunities for women composers generally, but given that Nan is a Grammy winner, 5-time Grammy nominee and seven-time Emmy nominee, it remains perplexing that the classical music world has taken so long to recognize her indisputable genius.

This album beautifully directed by the eminent Australian conductor, Kevin Purcell, brings to light through these premiere recordings the extraordinary music of this iconic, contemporary, American composer.

The album further includes the premiere recording of a new Concerto for orchestra composed as a paean to Miles Davis’s 1959 iconic Jazz album, ‘Kind of Blue’, by leading Australian composer, Brenton Broadstock.


Track Listing

Nan Schwartz (b.1959):

  1. Aspirations
  2. Perspectives
  3. Romanza
  4. Angels Among Us
  5. Brenton Broadstock (b.1952):

  6. Made in Heaven – I. So What
  7. Made in Heaven – II. Flamenco Sketches
  8. Made in Heaven – III. Blue in Green
  9. Made in Heaven – IV. All Blues


The Chronicle

This is music with gravitas, but melodic and made easy on the ear by the skill of the composer. It’s (mostly) a long way from the jazz/easy listening music of Henry Mancini. Serious music (it’s not lightweight classical film fare) but listenable and with a spring in its step.

” —Jeremy Condliffe
Records International

These highly approachable, thoroughly tonal works make up a most appealing programme… finely crafted concert works, enjoyable by anyone with a taste for lush neo-romanticism.

MusicWeb International

Brenton Broadstock’s superb Made in Heaven: Concerto for orchestra is a sheer delight to listen to… simply outstanding from end to end. The four works by Nan Schwarz…[are] a subtle balance of jazz and classical. It is a sheer pleasure to listen to this ‘cool’ music. I cannot fault the vibrant recording.. The balance of jazz soloists and symphony orchestra is ideal.

” —John France
Rafael Music Notes

A handsomely designed and annotated CD of original works for symphony orchestra. A juxtaposing of tempi, dynamics, tonality, and the alternating of soloist and ensemble give much of Nan Schwartz’s appealing music a uniquely sui generis sound. The music of Brenton Broadstock is most … this composer is a true original. Eminently tonal, richly melodic music… Hats off to the composers, the conductor, and the musicians of both orchestras!

” —Rafael de Acha