Mystery Lights/Nightflower


Catalogue No: MJD 72402
EAN/UPC: 5060054460262
Artists: ,
Composers: ,
Release Date: June 2005
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 59:44

CLIVE BELL is Britain’s leading player of the Japanese shakuhachi, and a founder member of Jah Wobble’s Deep Space project. DAVID ROSS was drummer for the instrumental combo Kenny Process Team. But none of this would prepare you for Mystery Lights, their first duo recording. This is a spacious, intimate music, full of colour and melody, exploratory but highly accessible. Many instruments, both acoustic and electronic, familiar and unfamiliar, weave a spell hard to resist. This album was made in collaboration with Walter & Donald the budgerigars. Recorded live at “The Earl of Kilgorlin”. CD includes a video playable on any PC.

Track Listing

    Clive Bell/David Ross:

  1. I. Mystery Lights 1 (2:29)
  2. II. Mystery Lights 2 (1:42)
  3. III. Mystery Lights 3 (1:34)
  4. IV. Mystery Lights 4 (5:07)
  5. V. Mystery Lights 5 (1:05)
  6. VI. Mystery Lights 6 (3:42)
  7. VII. Mystery Lights 7 (2:35)
  8. VIII. Mystery Lights 8 (2:35)
  9. IX. Mystery Lights 9 (1:18)
  10. X. Mystery Lights 10 (1:41)
  11. XI. Mystery Lights 11 (1:56)
  12. XII. Mystery Lights 12 (2:17)
  13. Nightflower (31:55)


The Wire

This is a lovely record. Intimate and unassuming, it sounds like nothing else and imparts a warmth that deepens with each listen. It’s music to furnish the secluded corners and secret recesses of the mind, catering from quiet times.

” —Julian Cowley