Michael Alec Rose: Il Ritorno


Catalogue No: MSV 28574
EAN/UPC: 809730857423
Artists: ,
Release Date: November 2017
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 57:01

Michael Alec Rose is a leading light in the contemporary music world with compositions in many genres. He has received thirty composition awards to date, and is also an author of books and essays. He currently teaches at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. This album contains music for violin-viola duo and for solo violin, which is both gently modernist and also post-impressionist – music inspired by places (for example Dartmoor in England) and by paintings.

The soloists are both highly regarded both in their native England and internationally. Peter Sheppard Skærved is well represented in many recordings as soloist and as leader of Longbow Ensemble and the Kreutzer Quartet and has made over 60 CDs for Divine Art/Metier, Toccata, NMC, Naxos and other labels. He has given concerts in over 30 countries, has had over 400 works dedicated to him and is also an accomplished painter and writer. Violist Diana Mathews is sought after as soloist, chamber and orchestral player and is very active in the new music world.

Track Listing

    Michael Alec Rose (b.1959):

  1. Unturned Stones – I. Eppur si muove
  2. Unturned Stones – II. A Courtesy Towards being
  3. Unturned Stones – III. Coming Home to the World
  4. Il Ritorno – I. Preamble
  5. Il Ritorno – II. Bearings
  6. Il Ritorno – III. Silence
  7. Il Ritorno – IV. Water
  8. Il Ritorno – V. Stone
  9. Il Ritorno – VI. Song
  10. Mornington Caprice
  11. Diaphany



Rose’s musical aesthetic is tonally based, but is far afield from anything resembling traditional functional harmony. The composer has developed his own harmonic language, and I find his musical idiom both innovative and pleasing. Skaerved and Mathews play together with impeccable precision and skill. Both Skaerved and Mathews are masters of their instruments, and apart from the inspired music heard herein, are well worth hearing in their own right.

” —David DeBoor Canfield
The Whole Note

There’s no doubting the strength and quality of the music. Skærved is in quite superb form… there is some remarkable playing here.

” —Terry Robbins
The Chronicle

This rather wonderful CD is an impressionist description of landscape… it is engrossing and draws in the listener. It’s rich in content, and Sheppard Skærved never does anything less than world class. Moody music for sure, but worth investigating.

” —Jeremy Condliffe
MusicWeb International

I enjoyed these four imaginative compositions. The big work on this disc is Il Ritorno: … magical and deeply-felt… quite beautiful. Each work is finely played, and (in my opinion) perfectly interpreted by the two soloists. Rose is a composer who can develop and maintain interest using the slenderest of instrumental resources.

” —John France