Mathias Reumert: Solo


Catalogue No: MSVDX 99102
EAN/UPC: 809730010293
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Discs: 1

Percussion masterworks meet art cinema in this state-of-the art-production.

Multiple award-winning Danish percussionist Mathias Reumert sets a new standard with these performances, which are captured live without audience in various locations.

The seven works included are cornerstones of contemporary percussion music, and each becomes here a short film in its own right by director Christian Holten Bonke.

This disc is universal-play (Region 0) and doublesided PAL/NTSC so will play in any country.

Track Listing

    Pierre Jodlowski:

  1. Time and Money (21:07)
  2. Iannis Xenakis:

  3. Psappha (13:43)
  4. Franco Donatoni:

  5. Omar (13:09)
  6. Vinko Globokar:

  7. ?Corporel (6:00)
  8. Brian Ferneyhough:

  9. Bone Alphabet (11:20)
  10. Hans Werne Henze:

  11. Five Scenes from The Snow Country (11:17)
  12. Iannis Xenakis:

  13. Rebonds (12:24)



This is a beautifully shot program of percussion music. In short, this is a magnificent undertaking, uniting on one disc six significant percussion pieces, rendered in visually stunning film and wonderful sound, of what feels at times like superhuman performances.

” —Colin Clarke

“I found that watching and reviewing the DVD in hand to be one of the more entertaining assignments I’ve received. Mathias Reumert is an amazing performer, a veritable wizard of percussion. His masterful music-making will astound you; this, coupled with the fascinating videography, creates a program that transcends whatever the normal market for this DVD would be. I recommend this recital wholeheartedly.”

” —David DeBoor Canfield