Catalogue No: MJD 72403
EAN/UPC: 809730040320
Release Date: September 2010
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 51:54
Sample: To Move Like a Shadow (extract)

This CD features some of the most distinctive personalities in the contemporary New York scene including the legendary Daniel Carter (sax, trumpet) who has been a leading light in the avant-garde since the early 70s and has featured on well over 100 recordings. Claire DeBrunner is an accomplished bassoonist with a classical as well as jazz training, and is one of very few musicians to play the bassoon in improvisational music. Ken Silverman plays guitar and hand percussion, and bassist Tom Zlabinger is an ever-present in the free jazz worlds of New York and Vienna. (Detailed bios: click ‘artist profile’ above). On this album the quartet aim to create a freely improvised chamber-music-like sound without drums, allowing for total rhythmic flexibility and sonic complexity. Although the music can become intense its general tendency is towards the delicate, subtle and intimate. A warm sound for warm evenings.

Track Listing


  1. Opening (4:08)
  2. Mysterious Breath (6:13)
  3. Dumbo Twilight (13:43)
  4. Riff Tide (5:25)
  5. Life Rattle (9:57)
  6. To Move as a Shadow (1:28)
  7. Totem Dance (11:00)


Jazz Times

Continual intrigue of creative improvisation… the ensemble keeps their sound close and controlled, the interaction is mild and unpretentious. Particularly because of the bassoon, the album assumes the role of a story-telling device. With the saxophone… Carter creates tender moments that are highlighted.

” —Lyn Horton
All About Jazz Ny

DeBrunner’s bassoon is an unlikely ingredient that works exceptionally well. It’s hard to focus on any one player for very long… one begins to appreciate the subtlety and brilliance of this work. This is an album about texture, how instruments-as-chemicals interact with one another to form new substances. If listeners are reluctant to name it one of 2010’s best releases, one must admit that it is one of the most intriguing.

” —Seth Watter
Downtown Music Gallery

Overflowing with ideas, this music is often dream-like with consistently tight interaction between all four members, sometimes simmering way below the boiling level.

” —Bruce Lee Gallanter
All About Jazz

The theme… is the universality of music, expressed as group improvisation by four superlative musicians. A thought-provoking work of powerful improvisation that draws on various influences to create a unique identity.

” —Hrayr Attarian
Free Jazz-Stef

Silverman’s unconventional guitar playing and Zlabinger’s often hypnotic bass playing are really good. The way [DeBrunner] uses her bassoon is highly unusual yet at the same time a kind of revelation. The album is rewarding for its openness, subtlety and adventurous lyricism.

” —Stef

Chamber music sounds with an enigmatic character and tempo. Although the title might suggest the appreciation and enjoyment of the work in general, it is also a pleasure to focus on the delight of the little details.

” —Pachi Tapiz
Midwest Record

Exploring the sound of sound as well as the texture of sound, this is head music for the open eared.

” —Chris Spector