Louis Glass Piano Music


Catalogue No: DDA 21205
EAN/UPC: 809730120526
Release Date: September 2006
Genres: ,
Discs: 2
Total Playing Time: 139:10

Alongside Nielsen, Glass is the genius of Danish romantic music, but recordings of his work are rare – we present the first recording of his two fine sonatas and other works.

Track Listing

    Louis Glass:

  1. I. Piano Sonata in A flat major, op. 25 − 1. Maestoso (13:10)
  2. II. Piano Sonata in A flat major, op. 25 − 2. Presto (8:31)
  3. III. Piano Sonata in A flat major, op. 25 − 3. Molto adagio (12:08)
  4. IV. Piano Sonata in A flat major, op. 25 − 4. Moderato (7:56)
  5. Fantasi, op. 35 (21:14)
  6. I. Lyriske Bagateller,op. 26 − 1. Andante con espressione (0:26)
  7. II. Lyriske Bagateller,op. 26 − 2. Moderato amabile (1:01)
  8. III. Lyriske Bagateller,op. 26 − 3. Pastorale (2:23)
  9. IV. Lyriske Bagateller,op. 26 − 4. Amoroso, ma con moto (1:06)
  10. V. Lyriske Bagateller,op. 26 − 5. Andante (2:50)
  11. VI. Lyriske Bagateller,op. 26 − 6. Poco vivo (0:57)
  12. I. Piano Sonata in E major, op. 6 − 1. Allegro con moto (9:32)
  13. II. Piano Sonata in E major, op. 6 − 2. Adagio (12:19)
  14. III. Piano Sonata in E major, op. 6 − 3. Scherzo (5:02)
  15. IV. Piano Sonata in E major, op. 6 − 4. Allegro assai (10:42)
  16. I. Klaverstykker,op. 66 − 1. Pastorale (3:59)
  17. II. Klaverstykker,op. 66 − 2. Nocturne (6:04)
  18. III. Klaverstykker,op. 66 − 3. Ecossaise (1:31)
  19. I. Fantasistykker, op. 4 − 1. Fir og frank (Freedom) (1:37)
  20. II. Fantasistykker, op. 4 − 2. Forgjaeves formaning (A Futile Warning) (2:00)
  21. III. Fantasistykker, op. 4 − 3. Grublierer (Dreaming) (2:53)
  22. IV. Fantasistykker, op. 4 − 4. Borte fra dig (Parted from thee) (3:23)
  23. V. Fantasistykker, op. 4 − 5. I regnveir (In the rain) (2:00)
  24. VI. Fantasistykker, op. 4 − 6. Gjensynet (Farewell) (6:20)


MusicWeb International

Peter Seivewright is a powerful and obviously convinced exponent who once again shows his mettle here

” —Jonathan Woolf
The Statesman, Calcutta

Music from a pianist who feels every note.. The double-CD is one of the finest to appear in recent times.


Good to see the enterprising Divine Art label honouring Glass’s piano music. Seivewright proves conclusively that this is music fully deserving of attention. The final pages of the First Sonata are almost Brucknerian in their majesty especially as rendered here by Seivewright, and as captured by his excellent engineers. Seivewright is a most sensitive guide to this music

” —Colin Clarke

Seivewright’s interpretations are fastidiously detailed… he plays with a winning ease and fluency. A fascinating opportunity to discover one of Denmark’s most talented musical sons

” —Gerald Fenech

[Seivewright’s] playing is cool and precise… the recorded sound is first rate. For those with an appetite for underserved Romantics (and there are many of you) this disc is worth a look

” —Michael Cameron
Records International

Seivewright [plays the sonatas and Fantasy] like they’re late Beethoven (or Celibidache conducting Bruckner): the approach really works, too

Oxford Today

For me the smaller pieces were more interesting… fine playing

” —Graham Topping

Peter Seivewright provides testament to his productive curiosity in opening up new parts of the repertoire. This production, published by Divine Art, shows that the exercise is worthwhile. With loving attention to detail and a majestic touch, Peter Seivewright understands just how to bring out the varied emotions of this music. This splendid recording demonstrates that Louis Glass belongs to that class of composers who should have earned a firm place in the repertoire.

” —Tobias Pfleger
Glasgow Herald

Of the two sonatas, the A flat major is a piece of great nobility, well structured and highly integrated thematically. It wears its Romanticism coolly. But Glass’s major strength lies in the exquisite, often wistful and charming small lyric pieces.

” —Michael Tumelty