Lights Out: English Art-Song


Catalogue No: DDV 24165
EAN/UPC: 809730416521
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Composers: , , , ,
Release Date: August 2017
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 75:08

The long and vibrant tradition of art-song in England has seen many great composers from Finzi to Vaughan Williams, Gurney to Moeran and Warlock and countless more, supported for many years now by the English Poetry and Song Society.

This is the fourth of four albums of live EPSS concert performances made by Dunelm for private use and now on general release due to demand; it contains works by major composers and several talented members of the EPSS, some of whom have recently become much better known and successful. Based around music by Ivor Gurney, E.J. Moeran and Sulyen Caradon, the recital is wide ranging and a fine demonstration of English art-song.

These EPSS recordings were made on portable recording equipment and with less than ideal microphone placement and are not to our usual modern standard. However they contain fine performances and many very unfamiliar and exquisite songs, which will delight any lover of late-Romantic vocal music.

Track Listing

    Samuel Wesley

  1. Birthday Song
  2. Henry Purcell

  3. If music be the food of love
  4. Sulyen Caradon

  5. Clouds
  6. The Dancer
  7. E.J. Moeran

  8. Rosefrail
  9. Rahoon
  10. Loveliest of Trees
  11. Sulyen Caradon

  12. Dorian Dirge
  13. Lelant
  14. E.J. Moeran

  15. Six Songs of Seamus O’Sullivan – No. 1 Evening
  16. Six Songs of Seamus O’Sullivan – No. 2 – Poplars
  17. Six Songs of Seamus O’Sullivan – No. 3 – A Cottager
  18. Six Songs of Seamus O’Sullivan – No. 4 – The Dustman
  19. Six Songs of Seamus O’Sullivan – No. 5 – Lullaby
  20. Six Songs of Seamus O’Sullivan – No. 6 – The Herdsman
  21. Sulyen Caradon

  22. Dawn
  23. Alison Edgar

  24. Lyonesse
  25. Ivor Gurney

  26. Salley Gardens
  27. All night under the moon
  28. Severn meadows
  29. None of the clock, O
  30. Jeffrey Whitton

  31. Little Vagabond
  32. Laura Shur

  33. The Smile
  34. Sarah Rodgers

  35. Acacia Tree
  36. Sulyen Caradon

  37. Margaret’s Song
  38. Ivor Gurney

  39. Lights Out – I. Scents
  40. Lights Out – II. Bright Clouds
  41. Lights Out – III. Penny Whistle
  42. Lights Out – IV. Will you come?
  43. Lights Out – V. Lights Out
  44. Sulyen Caradon

  45. O Lovely England



If you have been waiting for this series to appear on disc, as I have, here is your chance. Those who have not yet caught the English art song bug may wish to explore elsewhere. But come back here for the rarities.

” —Ronald E. Grames
American Record Guide

This recording was made at a concert given in May 2003. The performances are worth preserving. . The diction of all is excellent—I didn’t need to consult the booklet very often to understand what was sung. Many of these songs are little known gems that aren’t heard on these shores very often, if at all.

” —David Reynolds