Let It Be Me


Catalogue No: DSM 20006
EAN/UPC: 809730999628
Release Date: April 2010
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 50:10

Dan Evans is a leading exponent of English fingerstyle dulcimer playing as well as being an accomplished composer, arranger and guitarist. This, his fourth CD on his own label, contains a mix of traditional and new songs demonstrating these abilities to the full.

Featuring Hilary Davies (harmony vocals), Sylvia Seaton (violin), Andy Crowdy (classical guitar and string bass).

Track Listing

  1. Planxty Irwin (O’Carolan)
  2. Amazing Grace/The Late Lesson (Evans)
  3. Let it be Me (Bécaud, Delanoë, Curtis)
  4. Live Not Where I Love (trad, arr. Evans)
  5. The Water is Wide/Skye Boat Song/Blow the Wind Southerly (trad, arr. Evans)
  6. Down by the Salley Gardens (Yeats)
  7. The Garden Waltz (Evans)
  8. Wild Mountain Thyme/Red Red Rose (trad, arr. Evans)
  9. The Rose (McBroom)
  10. Calum Sgaire/Bob’s Tune (McDonald)
  11. Camusfearna (Cordell)/Bonnie at Morn (trad)
  12. The Image Maker (Gogarty, Evans)
  13. The Frolicking Lamb (Evans)
  14. Will the Circle be Unbroken (trad, arr. Evans)
  15. Loch Lomond/Lewis Bridal Song (trad, arr. Evans)
  16. We May and Might Never (trad, arr. Evans)
  17. Live Not Where I Love (Reprise)


Dulcimer Players News

Well worth the wait… showcases Dan’s clear and precise dulcimer and guitar playing along with his superb vocals. Above all, I am gobsmacked by Dan’s amazing ability to provide such compelling and lyrical dulcimer accompaniments to his singing. You’ll note that I am very partial to the vocals but I’m betting you’ll love it all

” —Neal Walters
Nonsuch News

Even before I played the disc was enormously impressed by the presentation – it is a very professional piece of work indeed. Gentle music to play with the back door open to the garden, the kettle and toast on, all well with the world.

” —Grahame Hood