Karl Fiorini: Violin Concertos


Catalogue No: MSV 28533
EAN/UPC: 809730853326
Artists: , , ,
Release Date: March 2014
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 49:56

Maltese composer Karl Fiorini has been carving out a busy career in Paris and gaining a fine reputation for chamber, instrumental and orchestral music; music which is varied and eclectic reflecting his insatiable curiosity about the world and inspired by dance, literature and art. In these two Concertos Fiorini has created modern classics – his orchestral sound based on shifting timbres and virtuosic solo parts. These brilliant works receive superb performances in this premier recording.


Track Listing

    Karl Fiorini:

  1. I. Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra – I. Prelude (1:53)
  2. II. Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra – II. Lento (3:07)
  3. III. Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra – III. Crotchet=126 (6:24)
  4. IV. Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra – IV. Chorale, Canone and Passacaglia (6:46)
  5. V. Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra – V. Finale (6:33)
  6. Violin Concerto No. 2 (25:04)


Malta Times

Karl Fiorini’s works illustrate this aesthetic where recent artistic developments are integrated with more traditional sources of inspiration and moulded to the composer’s own unique expression. Fiorini’s first CD is a welcome addition to the collectors of classical and contemporary music.

” —Silvio Camilleri
Daily Classical Music

Be prepared to find yourself challenged with music alternating between dissonance and tonal progressions. Both soloists play their edgy, demanding works with pyrotechnic ease

” —Howard Smith
The Wire

A well-attested tradition of Atlantic culture sweeps down from the North Cape of Norway to Gibraltar, taking in Nordic and Celtic elements along the way and reaching out towards the pelagic islands and the Eastern seaboard of North America. At the lower limit of its reach, it makes contact with a Mediterranean culture that is […]

” —Brian Morton

Maltese-born composer Karl Fiorini has written two deeply impressive concertos for violin and orchestral forces.. Orchestral climaxes are cannily prepared, and powerfully delivered in this splendidly expert performance, equally well recorded. These complex and distinctive works, full of active dissonance, elements of birdsong, and powerful emotional states, are highly auspicious. [Fiorini] is clearly a composer to watch – adherent of no fads, strongly focused on compositional essence, and unafraid of emotional extremes in his music-making. This is a splendid disc in every respect. RECORDING OF THE MONTH

” —Jonathan Woolf
Words And Music

One senses the arrival of an important new talent in Karl Fiorini. These two violin concertos are works of extraordinary power and momentum. This gripping CD should mark a turning point in his career.

” —Rick Jones

Both [soloists] are among the best violinists in their respective countries and both play the pyrotechnics of these demanding works with consummate grace. Both of Fiorini’s concertos are impressive, but they differ widely. Neither is traditional, but each has the power to move the listener with a beautifully interwoven tapestry of sound. A new and important talent on the classical music scene, he has written challenging dissonant music that may take a few hearings to fully appreciate, but connoisseurs of new works will want to hear his fascinating concertos.

” —Maria Nockin

This is a super disc of two very impressive violin concertos…. powerful and robust works full of interest with never a dull moment. The writing for the soloist is exemplary and the orchestra is bright and staggeringly good. The sound could not be better and the two violinists are remarkable with excellent intonation and a virtuosity that does not get in the way of the music. The conductor is amazing as he copes with difficult scores with apparent ease. To say more would be a list of superlatives, I cannot recommend this CD highly enough.

” —David C F Wright
Musical Opinion

Karl Fiorini is the most important Maltese composer since Charles Camilleri… a genuine composer. Works both deserving recording and study. The performances appear excellent as are the recordings. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

” —James Palmer

With humility, eclecticism and a keen sense of harmony, Fiorini’s music retains the attention of the listener, often taking challenging and unexpected twists and turns, but retaining cogency and coherency. In these virtuosic pieces the two soloists have precise and apt intonation and courageous performing styles. These concertos require power and momentum as they alternate between dissonance and tonal progressions. The players embrace this coming together of different themes and musical ideas with endearing sass and electrifying pyrotechnics.

” —Lucy Jeffery
Prof. J. Favier

Both pieces are gripping, but I found the second one to be especially breathtaking. It is gigantic, wild and virile. Marta Lelek possesses the inordinate strength of a marvelous Amazon. In her hands the instrument moves forward with a masterful drive. What masterfully-wielded power! Staggering! [Fiorini’s] music is entrancing because it is tuned to the living, deliberately, in an overwhelmingly convincing manner. These are twenty-five minutes of some of the most intense music I have ever heard.

” —Professor Jacques Favier, Paris
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

The two Violin Concertos are hallmark works in new music to my ears. In both cases the solo violin part has a genuine idiosyncratic, outgoing quality that in the hands of these two virtuosi utterly convinces. The orchestra responds to the soloist with the give-and-take dialog one would expect. Bartosz Zurakowski conducts the Sudecka Philharmonic Orchestra in a masterful way and they come through beautifully. Karl Fiorini gives us two excellent works that seem sure to enter the concerto repertoire. They are majestic, thrilling, ultra-modern and exciting to hear. Molto bravo!

” —Grego Applegate Edwards
The Classical Reviewer

Concerto [no.1 is] very much a successor to some of the great violin concertos of the 20th century from such figures as Bartok and Shostakovich. Fiorini’s soundworld is full of angst and mystery, quite spellbinding with some superb playing. Both soloists are exceptionally fine and Bartosz Zurakowski draws excellent playing from the orchestra. The recordings are first rate, Metier must be congratulated for bringing these two terrific works to our attention.

” —The Classical Reviewer
Portuguese Newspaper

Fiorini, still very young, amazes us, first, by the extraordinary quality of his music, The Concerto for violin and chamber orchestra [no. 1] is a small masterpiece. What is surprising is the lyricism, the passion that this music conveys. The orchestra demonstrates a beautiful quality in tutti and reveals excellent soloists. An extremely good CD by any standards. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

” —Henrique Silveira, rough translation by Stephen Sutton
Ipsilon Musica (Portugal)

Interpreted at the highest level …Fiorini’s writing is extremely lyrical and intense, very effective for instrumental soloists, linearly and polyphonically well constructed. His greatest achievement is perhaps to finely balance very expressive melodies with bold complex atmospheres. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

” —Rui Pereira, translation by Stephen Sutton