John Garth: Six Cello Concertos


Catalogue No: DDA 25059
EAN/UPC: 809730505928
Artists: ,
Release Date: August 2007
Genres: , ,
Discs: 2
Total Playing Time: 94:06

There are many fine compositions still lying undiscovered, and until recently this was true of the six Cello Concertos by John Garth. This native of Durham in Northern England proves to be a brilliant composer, and these concertos (which are believed to be the earliest examples of the Cello Concerto written in Britain) are surely the equal of those produced by Handel. Played on period instruments by one of Britain’s leading baroque-music ensembles.

The scores, in cello/piano reduction, are also available.

Track Listing

    John Garth:

  1. I. Cello Concerto no. 1 in D major − 1. Allegro (7:37)
  2. II. Cello Concerto no. 1 in D major − 2. Andante (4:40)
  3. III. Cello Concerto no. 1 in D major − 3. Giga (4:50)
  4. I. Cello Concerto no. 2 in B flat major − 1. Allegro moderato (4:15)
  5. II. Cello Concerto no. 2 in B flat major − 2. Affettuoso (2:46)
  6. III. Cello Concerto no. 2 in B flat major − 3. Allegro assai (4:56)
  7. I. Cello Concerto no. 3 in A major − 1. Allegro (4:39)
  8. II. Cello Concerto no. 3 in A major − 2. Andante (4:43)
  9. III. Cello Concerto no. 3 in A major − 3. Allegro (4:49)
  10. I. Cello Concerto no. 4 in B flat major − 1. Presto (3:12)
  11. II. Cello Concerto no. 4 in B flat major − 2. Andante affettuoso (6:18)
  12. III. Cello Concerto no. 4 in B flat major − 3. Minuet (4:26)
  13. I. Cello Concerto no. 5 in D minor − 1. Allegro (7:26)
  14. II. Cello Concerto no. 5 in D minor − 2. Adagio affettuoso (3:03)
  15. III. Cello Concerto no. 5 in D minor − 3. Allegro moderato (6:28)
  16. I. Cello Concerto no. 6 in G major − 1. Allegro (7:29)
  17. II. Cello Concerto no. 6 in G major − 2. Siciliana (5:16)
  18. III. Cello Concerto no. 6 in G major − 3. Allegro (6:40)


The Consort

In some ways, Garth’s concertos compare favourably with the wonderful cello concerto by Monn which was composed before 1750, and which was also many years ahead of its time. As a fellow cellist, I heartily thank Richard Tunnicliffe and the Avison Ensemble for bringing these works back to the English public. They very much demand to be heard.

” —Tatty Theo
Albion Magazine

Works of superb craftsmanship and great allure. They are given wonderfully crisp, enthusiastic, and convincing performances by Richard Tunnicliffe and the Avison Ensemble on another excellent disc.

” —Em Marshall

[Garth] was a true expert of the instrument. The principal musical action is played out between the cello and the first violin, generating an entertaining and lively dialogue. Richard Tunnicliffe… cannot help but convince with his unobtrusive performance… Pavlo Beznosiuk… shines as leader of the ensemble with his baroque violin dating from the year 1676

” —Aron Sayed
The Journal Culture Magazine

Admirable are Richard Tunnicliffe’s performances… [he] combines stylistic discipline with a refreshing freedom of expression. An excellent pair of discs


The orchestration throughout is sound, unimpeachable and the small ensemble forces offer Richard Tunnicliffe sterling support. The recording sounds highly sympathetic and attractive. Tunnicliffe’s achievement is to characterise the concertos with individuality, to bring them to life with a strong sense of character… he manages to do so with real flair and technical surety.

” —Jonathan Woolf

Garth does show considerable powers of invention, avoiding cliché and turning corners with grace and wit. The slow movements are particularly attractive. The performances are excellent, with Richard Tunnicliffe irresistibly mixing grace and virtuosity. The recording is clear without sounding clinical or fierce. In performances such as these the present Concertos give immense pleasure.

” —John Sheppard
Liverpool Daily Post

Very worthy of investigation – Peter Spaull

” —Peter Spaull
Berwick Advertiser

These Garth concertos … are utterly delightful listening. This world premiere recording features period instruments.


The six concertos for cello and orchestra that we have here witness a period of musical history which is often overlooked, lying as it does between two absolutely dominant epochs

” —PiRath
Early Music News

Garth’s concertos will bear comparison with anything of the time from Mannheim or Vienna, and are a real gift to cellists. They should be much better known. The concertos are beautifully played by Richard Tunnicliffe, very stylishly accompanied by a one-to-a-part group — for which three cheers! I strongly recommend these highly enjoyable discs.

” —Richard Maunder

This is wonderful music, possessed of flair, style, and occasional significant breadth. The performances are equally commendable. Richard Tunnicliffe is in complete control of his instrument. The Avison Ensemble … play with generous helpings of solid musicianship, not to mention complete dedication. The tempos are comfortable, never rushed or lugubrious, and the sound is quite vivid,This is a must-have for cellists, Anglophiles, and all who cherish music of the era; it is also the latest inductee into our Classical Hall of Fame. A FANFARE CLASSICAL HALL OF FAME SELECTED CD

” —Michael Carter
International Record Review

The performers here cherish every note of the music. This is a very fine achievement. Memorable music, persuasively performed, richly recorded and among the most rewarding releases of the year.

” —Simon Heighes