Grist – Music for Flute and Electronics


Catalogue No: MSV 28542
EAN/UPC: 809730854224
Composers: , , ,
Release Date: July 2014
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 75:19

Grist is a programme of new music for flute and electronics in a variety of forms, from extended-technique playing with live eletronics to sonic collage. Performed by leading Dutch artist Jos Zwaanenburg this album demonstrates his exceptional virtuosity and also flexibility. The electronics and sound processing are provided by the composers. The album is a project of the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes university in England and is a fascinating journey into new sounds.

Track Listing

    Efthymios Chatzigiannis:

  1. Broken Mirrors (7:44)
  2. Paul Whitty:

  3. Does the mind rule the body or does the body rule the mind? (17:09)
  4. Stephen Cornford:

  5. Flute Feed (26:54)
  6. Paul Whitty:

  7. Has the world changed or have I Changed? (16:57)
  8. Paul Dibley:

  9. Organ Grinder (6:56)


The Chronicle

Nominally this is a classical album … but it’s really an experimental album … [Zwaanenburg] knows his way around a flute. This a pretty out-there album. But we’ve played it a lot more that we thought we would, way beyond what’s needed for a review, because it’s interesting. If you’re working it makes for a nice noise that’s kind of comforting.

” —Jeremy Condliffe
Gapplegate Classical Modern Music

Five provocative cutting-edge works, each defining the new terrain in its own way. These are all works that bear study and close listening. Jos Zwaanenburg has an integral role to play here and he does it with a kind of selfless devotion to the compositional demands of the moment. He shines forth when called for in ways we can admire and at other times he gives the impetus for the evolving shape of a work with creativity and sensitivity. State-of-the-art live and interactive electronics are the order of the day. Well worth hearing.

” —Grego Edwards

Jos Zwaanenburg is the perfect expo­nent of these adventurous works—all of which explore ways in which the flute is able to interact with and affect an electronic component in real time. The more traditional, if you will, of these works, allow the flute to function in a recognizable, reasonably melodic fashion. The remaining works are even more complex, however, and—gleefully, it seems—raise ques­tions of musical relationships and intent. There are creators who distinguish themselves from musicians or composers by identifying themselves simply as sound artists. Certainly, Jos Zwaanenburg and the others represented here are straddling whatever line might be drawn.

” —Art Lange

Each composer decisively overrides the traditional chain of command between composer, performer and listener, and I admire their conceptual boldness.

” —Philip Clark

Integrity, with the emphasis on grit. This release is fairly well documented and nicely designed. The definition of grist as grain that has been separated from its chaff in preparation for grinding is apt in this case, with the emphasis on ‘in preparation for’ suiting the exploratory, experimental nature of most of these works.

” —Dominy Clements
Opus Classical (Netherlands)

Zwaanenburg is an authority in the field of electronic manipulation of the flute. He therefore uses a special instrument with open valves so he can produce micro-intervals and glissandi. But I was totally unprepared for what we hear on this CD. Mind-boggling. The recording is of course spectacular, but adjust to the volume.

” —Aart van der Wal (translation by Stephen Sutton)