Gossiana – A Tribute to John Goss


Catalogue No: DDA 25048
EAN/UPC: 809730504822
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Composers: , , , , , , , , , ,
Release Date: April 2007
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 75:32

Subtitled, “A 1920s anthology of song” this album is not filled only music composed during the 1920s, but is made in tribute to one of Britain’s greatest, and now almost forgotten, singers: John Goss. At the height of his career in the 1920s, Goss was a close friend of Warlock, Moeran and other composers, and ahead of his time in giving mixed recitals, including all types of song from lieder to sea shanties. This is reflected in this CD. Giles Davies played Goss in a recent film directed by Tony Britten.

Track Listing


  1. Agincourt Song (1:44)
  2. The Three Ravens (4:15)
  3. Here’s a Health to His Majesty (1:37)
  4. L’amour de moi (3:28)
  5. John Danyel:

  6. I die whenas I do not see her (2:34)
  7. Michael Cavendish:

  8. Down in a Valley (1:30)
  9. Philip Rossiter:

  10. What then is love but mourning (2:19)
  11. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

  12. Abendempfindung (5:46)
  13. Franz Schubert:

  14. Totengrabers Heimweh (6:54)
  15. Der Jungling an der Quelle (1:45)
  16. Fischerweise (3:13)
  17. Robert Franz:

  18. Aus meinen grossen schmerzen (1:42)
  19. Peter Warlock:

  20. As Ever I saw (1:26)
  21. Take O Take those lips away (2:24)
  22. Milkmaids (2:00)
  23. The Distracted Maid (5:07)
  24. O Mistress Mine (1:29)
  25. Captain Stratton’s Fancy (1:44)
  26. Oh Good Ale (1:30)
  27. Ernest John Moeran:

  28. Sheep Shearing Song (3:06)
  29. Dream of Death (3:05)
  30. Bernard van Dieren:

  31. Der Asra (3:02)
  32. Rebecca Clarke:

  33. June Twilight (3:06)
  34. anonymous:

  35. Barbara Allen (1:46)
  36. Billy Boy (1:13)
  37. Shenandoah (3:37)
  38. Blow ye Winds, Heigh Ho (2:55)
  39. Hullaballoo Ballay (1:13)


Musical Opinion

Throughout, Giles Davies sings impeccably, with a fine sense of style, and is admirably accompanied by Steven Devine. The recording quality is also excellent, and performance notes and texts are included. This is a really delightful CD, which is wholeheartedly recommended.

” —Robert Matthew-Walker
International Record Review

This recording is a mighty labour of love. Giles Davies and the Goss Male Quartet with pianist Steven Devine illuminate an important tradition in English singing that is almost lost. How sad that so few of the singer’s own recordings have survived. That is all the more reason to cherish this recording. It’s not John Goss, but it’s as near as we are likely to get to a fine and generous artist and a lost tradition of music-making.

” —Christopher Cook
Classical Net

[John Goss].. was a great entertainer & an innate musician & performer. This CD is a celebration & dedication to this wonderfully talented character & the items chosen are perhaps many that Goss himself might have included in his recitals. For Giles Davis, this is obviously a labour of love & he manages to squeeze out all the emotional & musical expressiveness of the repertoire in question. Stephen Devine & the Goss Male Quartet lend sympathetic support throughout. This is certainly a fitting tribute to one of Britain’s most lovable yet astoundingly neglected artists.

” —Gerald Fenech
The Peter Warlock Society Newsletter

Throughout, the singing is exemplary, the diction faultless, and a wide range of tone and colour coupled with the wide range of repertoire means that one’s mind is always kept captivated. The pianist, Steven Devine, also has a vivid sense of colour and there were moments when I wondered how many different instruments he was playing, the Elizabethan songs are almost lute-like, and the end of Schubert’s ‘The grave-diggers longing for home’ has the depth and resonance of a real double bass.

” —Malcolm Rudland
Albion Magazine

Beautifully sung… Davies’s love and knowledge of this repertoire shines through…the selection of songs is a very fine one and the fact that the disc also contains detailed, interesting and well-written notes is a bonus.

” —Em Marshall