Ghost Dialogues: Music for Trumpet


Catalogue No: MSV 28572
EAN/UPC: 809730857225
Artists: , , ,
Composers: , , , ,
Release Date: July 2017
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 62:55

A fine anthology of recent music for trumpet by American composers, in basically tonal ‘post-modernist’ idiom and with a wide range; three pieces for trumpet with piano in traditional ‘sonata-accompaniment’ style, songs with trumpet obbligato and two works for trumpet and tenor sax duo, quite unique works from two very differently inspired composers.

These are first recordings and feature one of America’s foremost trumpeters, Chris Gekker, currently Professor of Trumpet at the University of Maryland, who has appeared as guest soloist with the New York Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony and other leading orchestras and opera companies. Fine performances throughout from Chris Vadala (Director of Jazz Studies at University of Maryland), Clara O’Brien (Associate Professor of Voice at the University of North Carolina), and Rita Sloan, who is also a faculty member at Maryland and also of the Aspen Music Festival among many other activities.

Track Listing

    Robert Gibson

  1. Fall
  2. Lance Hulme: Ghost Dialogues

  3. I. Adieu Adieu, Remember Me
  4. II. Dammi la mano in pegno
  5. III. It goes so fast
  6. Carson Cooman: Equinox Sonata

  7. I. Sun Horizon
  8. II. Dream Walking
  9. III. Moon Mysteries
  10. Lance Hulme: The Street Has Changed

  11. I. In the city that ruled me
  12. II. Had you sucked no more sense than I
  13. III. What were you? It is too late to learn
  14. IV. Echoes
  15. David Heinick

  16. Served Two Ways
  17. Kevin McKee

  18. Song for a Friend


International Trumpet Guild Bulletin

This project is unique and exciting and features both solo and chamber works. Noteworthy but accessible compositions… wonderful CD.

” —Brian Walker
American Record Guide

Chris Gekker’s full and warm trumpet sound is always welcome. Chris Vadala is the fine tenor saxophonist. Clara O’Brien is the rich-voiced mezzo soprano. Beautiful playing and collaborating by pianist Rita Sloan.

” —Barry Kilpatrick

A most rewarding musical experience. Chris Gekker plays sensitively and musically throughout the course of this varied recital, and this CD will certainly be of interest … I believe its appeal will transcend the borders of the brass kingdom.

” —David DeBoor Canfield
Gapplegate Classical Modern Music

Some music hits you from the first with a special moodiness. Enter Ghost Dialogues. Some of the works have a solemn majesty, some a jazzy approach, all have a reflectiveness in some way, and all show Chris Gekker to be a marvelous, singing trumpet presence. All performers are peak, but Chris Gekker is the very artful, brilliant constant.

” —Grego Edwards
The Chronicle

There’s not much point talking about the playing (world class) or the composing (ditto). What’s it like to listen to? With so many composers, it’s clearly a varied listen. An interesting album, a blend of jazz, film noir soundtrack, classical and ambient.

” —Jeremy Condliffe

Chris Gekker is a master of his instrument. His technique is impeccable: The Metier recording is so clear one can hear every detail of attack. In addition, there is a real musical intelligence at work, here coupled with a fervent belief in the music he plays. This is a most varied recital, then, caught in superb sound. The combination of technique, taste, and musicianship is remarkable.

” —Colin Clarke