Franz Schubert: Complete Piano Duets


Catalogue No: DDA 21701
EAN/UPC: 809730710126
Release Date: May 2017
Discs: 7
Total Playing Time: 617:26

The importance of this set cannot be over-stated. First released on 7 separate CDs by Olympia, it launched the international reputation of Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow as one of the world’s foremost duos, and it remains the only complete recording of Schubert’s original duet compositions including many little-known masterpieces and one Polonaise completed by Goldstone from Schubert’s unfinished manuscript. Each disc concludes with a Polonaise encore written by Schumann, inspired by Schubert. The set represents the whole stretch of Schubert’s output from D.1 to D.968.

The performances are superb, exhilarating and perfectly integrated: the husband and wife team really do play like one person with four hands.

Tragically, Anthony Goldstone died on January 2, 2017 while we were finalizing the design work, and did not live to see the re-issue of this marvelous collection, repackaged and remastered as a box set.

Track Listing

    Franz Schubert:

  1. Polonaise in F major, D. 599 No. 4 (4:03)
  2. Polonaise in F major, D. 824 No. 2 (4:42)
  3. Marche Héroique in D major, D. 602 No. 3 (7:24)
  4. Deutscher Tanz mit Zwei Trios, from D. 618 (4:02)
  5. Rondo in D major, D. 608 (8:19)
  6. Zwei Ländler in E major, from D. 618 (1:52)
  7. Grande Marche et Trio in E major, D. 819 No. 6 (6:35)
  8. Grand Duo in C major, D. 812 − I. Allegro moderato (11:27)
  9. Grand Duo in C major, D. 812 − II. Andante (9:32)
  10. Grand Duo in C major, D. 812 − III. Scherzo and Trio: Allegro vivace (5:59)
  11. Grand Duo in C major, D. 812 − IV. Allegro vivace (9:11)
  12. Robert Schumann:

  13. Polonaise No. 1 in E flat major (3:47)
  14. Franz Schubert:

  15. Overture in F minor/major, D. 675 (7:05)
  16. Grande Marche et Trio in E flat minor, D. 819 No. 5 (17:19)
  17. Grande Marche et Trio in E flat major, D. 819 No. 1 (8:42)
  18. Variations on an Original Theme in B flat major, D. 603 (9:57)
  19. Polonaise in B falt major, D. 599 No. 2 (3:26)
  20. Polonaise in B flat major, D. 899 No. 3 (6:03)
  21. Fantasie in F minor, D. 940 − I. Allegro molto moderato (4:43)
  22. Fantasie in F minor, D. 940 − II. Largo (3:02)
  23. Fantasie in F minor, D. 940 − III. Cherzo and Trio: Allegro vivace (5:31)
  24. Fantasie in F minor, D. 940 − IV. Tempo primo (5:23)
  25. Robert Schumann:

  26. Polonaise No. 2 in A major (4:39)
  27. Franz Schubert:

  28. Three Marches Militaires, D. 733 − I. No. 1 in D major (4:33)
  29. Three Marches Militaires, D. 733 − II. No. 2 in G major (3:26)
  30. Three Marches Militaires, D. 733 − III. No. 3 in E flat major (6:17)
  31. Rondo in A major, D. 951 (11:58)
  32. Polonaise in A major, D. 824 No. 5 (4:40)
  33. Grande Marche et Trio in G minor, D. 819 No. 2 (6:43)
  34. Ländler, D. 814 Nos 1 & 2 and Deutscher Tanz, D. 793 No. 8 (2:17)
  35. Polonaise in B flat major, from D. 618 sketches (4:23)
  36. Divertissement à la hongroise, D. 818 − I. Andante-un poco piu mosso-tempo primo (10:39)
  37. Divertissement à la hongroise, D. 818 − II. Marsch: Andante con moto (3:16)
  38. IDivertissement à la hongroise, D. 818 − III. Allegretto (14:54)
  39. Robert Schumann:

  40. Polonaise No. 3 in F minor (5:13)
  41. Franz Schubert:

  42. Fantasie, D. 1 − I. (6:56)
  43. Fantasie, D. 1 − II. (3:52)
  44. Fantasie, D. 1 − III. (5:27)
  45. Fantasie, D. 1 − IV. (5:39)
  46. Polonaise in D major, D. 824 No. 4 (5:49)
  47. Grande Marche et Trio in D major, D. 819 No. 4 (9:38)
  48. Ländler in C minor and C major, D. 814 Nos 3 & 4 (1:32)
  49. March in G major, D. 829 (2:27)
  50. Grande Marche funèbre in C minor, D. 859 (13:49)
  51. Variations on an Original Theme in A flat major, D. 813 − I. Theme and Variations 1-4 (6:37)
  52. Variations on an Original Theme in A flat major, D. 813 − II. Variations 5 & 6 (3:13)
  53. Variations on an Original Theme in A flat major, D. 813 − III. Variations 7 & 8 (6:54)
  54. Robert Schumann:

  55. Polonaise No. 4 in B flat major (4:45)
  56. Franz Schubert:

  57. Grand Marche héroique, D. 885 (13:29)
  58. Fantasie, D. 9 (6:28)
  59. Polonaise in E major, D. 824 No. 6 (5:15)
  60. Polonaise in E major, D. 599 No. 3 (4:47)
  61. Variations on a French Song, D. 624 − I. Theme and Variations 1-6 (7:56)
  62. Variations on a French Song, D. 624 − II. Variations 7 & 8 (5:36)
  63. Deutscher Tanz in C major, D. 783 No. 9 (0:37)
  64. Deux Marches caractéristiques, D. 886 − No. 1 in C major (6:51)
  65. Deux Marches caractéristiques, D. 886 − No. 2 in C major (7:49)
  66. Duo in A minor, D. 947 (12:00)
  67. Robert Schumann:

  68. Polonaise No. 5 in B minor (5:55)
  69. Franz Schubert:

  70. Overture in G minor, D. 668 (8:02)
  71. 16 Deutscher Tänze, from D. 783 (9:59)
  72. Polonaise in D minor, D. 824 No. 1 (3:26)
  73. Polonaise in D minor, D. 599 No. 1 (3:26)
  74. Grande Sonate in B flat major, D. 617 − I. Allegro moderato (6:01)
  75. Grande Sonate in B flat major, D. 617 − II. Andamte con moto (4:37)
  76. Grande Sonate in B flat major, D. 617 − III. Allegretto (4:55)
  77. Marche héroique in B minor, D. 602 No. 1 (3:01)
  78. Fugue in E minor, D. 952 (4:43)
  79. Grande Marche et Trio in B minor, D. 819 No. 3 (8:59)
  80. Variations on a theme from Hérold’s opera


The Chronicle

This [is] a lovely thing to have, as an object: a nice box, with seven CDs and a thick booklet. That’s before you hear a note. The CDs have been carefully planned as separate programmes. The playing is superb throughout. If you’ve ever thought you’d like some cultured music but don’t know where to start, this is it.

” —Jeremy Condliffe

This landmark recording project provides a rich source of musical pleasure, and more than a few revelations. These are real interpretations, notable for their verve, charm, elegant rubato, and crisp articulation. This important release has my highest recommendation.

” —Paul Orgel

The four-hand works on the current recital display well the composer’s maturation from a young burgeoning musician to a complete master of composition in a short span of time. Even the earliest works found on these discs are staggering in their level of achievement. What pianists Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow bring to this music is priceless: a beautiful light touch, a real sense of playfulness when required, profound thought in the larger works, and a perfect temperament for this music… these discs are ones to treasure.

” —Scott Noriega

Pianists Caroline Clemmow and Anthony Goldstone play this music with elegance and intelligence, and are recorded cleanly and realistically. The program notes are very informative, and the overall production value for the release is top-notch. This is an important addition to the Schubert discography.

” —Peter Burwasser

Their ensemble is flawless, even in tricky unison passages; their rubato is entirely synchronized; scale passages and filigree receive brilliant, pearly articulation; lyrical moments are played with extraordinary warmth. This is an important collection, and its re-release as a single box set is most welcome. Highest recommendation.

” —Myron Silberstein
The Whole Note

Their playing has been utter perfection, with a pianistically Zen oneness to all articulation, dynamics and phrasing. It always takes a few minutes of wonder at the technical beauty of their performance before you can relax into what the composer has actually intended to say. All the more reason to laud this substantial seven-CD set as the pinnacle of their lifetime’s work. It’s a beautiful set, brilliantly assembled and as inspired as anything they have ever done. Goldstone & Clemmow’s final recording project is definitely an item to collect.

” —Alex Baran

It is difficult to understand how much wonderful music Franz Schubert wrote in his short life… No less admirable is the perseverance of Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow – their concentrated playing, the youthful freshness and even carefree spirit that they elicit from this music; a spontaneity that never subsides. Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow invested a lot of dedication and talent in this exceptional project.

” —Guy Engels
American Record Guide

The material is very well arranged, with a balance between shorter and longer works, varied musical styles, and complementary key relationships. The performances may justly be considered among the best by one of the best piano duos… every hearing reveals other beautiful musical moments. Goldstone and Clemmow take perfection of ensemble to its summit. The little things, like placing emphasis on an important chord with a barely perceptible break and minuscule tempo relaxations at the end of phrases, are all done as one… taken as a whole there is no competition.

” —James Harrington
Opus Klassiek

The layout is chosen so that it forms a concert program of the piano music… it is clear that optimum contrast is sought, and that is also brought out in full. The duo now has about 40 CDs in their name and their standard is consistently out of this world. I do not think there is an integral recording of these pieces that is better than this. Here we hear perfectly produced sparkle and energy, but also poetry and intimacy. . It all runs like a clock, partly thanks to the wonderfully tuned and maintained Grotrian-Steinweg concert piano.

” —Aart van der Wal
CD Hotlist

A monumental project by the marvelous husband-and-wife four-hand piano team of Caroline Clemmow and Anthony Goldstone, and the box makes a worthy companion to their three-volume collection of ‘unauthorized’ four-hand transcriptions. Clemmow and Goldstone play with seemingly effortless virtuosity and intelligence and are very well recorded.

” —Rick Anderson
MusicWeb International

Here, at last, we have a reissue of the only fully complete version of Schubert’s works for piano duet, and here Divine Art must be thanked for resurrecting these fine recordings. These are intelligently conceived and performed recitals, ones that bring the music [of] Schubert to life. Goldstone and Clemmow seem to be totally in tune with each other, which results in excellence throughout the set. A fitting tribute and memorial to [Goldstone’s] name and his prowess as an editor and performer.

” —Stuart Sillitoe
The Rehearsal Room

An impressive project… I find all of the recordings in this collection to be infectiously engaging.

” —Stephen Smoliar

The wonderful playing by Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow impresses with a great sovereignty, plenty of poetry, which takes Schubert’s moods into account, and just as much energy and drama.

” —Remy Franck
Rafael Music Notes

The playing of Goldstone & Clemmow is assured at all times, idiomatic, quite often virtuosic, and always unfailingly imaginative. The musicianship, the accuracy, the inventiveness are there… [we were] awestruck by the undertaking itself. The acoustically friendly environment of the Church of St. John the Baptist gives the set an up close sonic quality that is most satisfying. As is the case here and with title after title in the Divine Art catalogue this boxed set is an indispensable treasure trove of musical rarities played by two remarkable artists.

” —Rafael de Acha