Feldman and Fox – Music for Clarinet and String Quartet


Catalogue No: MSVCD 92082
EAN/UPC: 5060054460200
Artists: , , , ,
Composers: ,
Release Date: October 2004
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 57:10

One American composer, Morton Feldman, somewhat notorious for his sometimes epic works, and one British, uncompromisingly individual and a leader in the field of “non-traditional” sounds; the two have quite a lot in common. Here, both present chamber works which are (relatively) orthodox, yet still at the cutting edge of quality modern music.

Track Listing

    Morton Feldman:

  1. Clarinet and String Quartet (13:20)
  2. Christopher Fox:

  3. Clarinet Quintet (43:26)


The Guardian

[The Feldman] is a wonderful showcase… its gradations of rhythm and colour become endlessly fascinating. Fox’s Quintet… confers enormous significance on the smallest nuance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

” —Andrew Clements
Musical Pointers

This CD is a good ‘way in’ to both composers. I had two hours of pleasure from playing this one twice through and thinking about it.

” —Peter Grahame Woolf
Anthony Fiumara

Clarinet and String Quartet is a beautiful example of Feldman’s late style… incredibly well played by Roger Heaton. Fox is one of England’s most important composers. He evokes whole worlds with little material. As in the repetitive, subtle ‘Clarinet Quintet’, a fragile landscape of microtones.

” —Anthony Fiumara

Patterns, reflections, repetitions, colour and subtlety are in attendance in both cases, whether it’s the more extensive hypnosis of Feldman or the more active localised dramas of Fox.

” —Jonathan Woolf
The Sunday Times

This inspiringly abstract disc juxtaposes two items for clarinet and string quartet, both of which are essentially reflections on the medium, the sonority itself. Heaton plays beautifully, as does the quartet.

” —Paul Driver