Erik Chisholm – Music for Piano, Vol. 7


Catalogue No: DDV 24155
EAN/UPC: 809730415524
Release Date: September 2011
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 68:45

This is the final disc in this acclaimed series of the unique piano music of Erik Chisholm, dubbed ‘The Scottish Bartok’ for his amazingly individual use of traditional melodies from his homeland, particularly the pibroch or piobaireachd, ancient bagpipe airs. An essential exploration for lovers of modern piano music, the first four volumes were called ‘one of the musical discoveries and revelations of the 21st century’ (Music Web).

All seven volumes available in one low-price bundle! (CD only)

Track Listing

Erik Chisholm:

  1. Elegy No. 1 – after Dan Liughair (0:53)
  2. Elegy No. 2 – after ‘Tha mo ghruaidhean air preasadh’ (first version) (2:12)
  3. Elegy No. 2 – after ‘Tha mo ghruaidhean air preasadh’ (second version) (1:50)
  4. Elegy No. 3 – after ‘Gur muladach tha mi ‘s mi gun mhacnus, gun mhanran’ (2:15)
  5. Elegy No. 4 – based on Dan Liughair (1:47)
  6. I. Peter Pan Suite – I. Peter (2:17)
  7. II. Peter Pan Suite – II. Wendy (2:38)
  8. III. Peter Pan Suite – III. The Crocodile (1:35)
  9. IV. Peter Pan Suite – IV. Tinkerbell (1:18)
  10. V. Peter Pan Suite – V. Captain Hook (2:11)
  11. Sonatina no. 4 – First movement (1:46)
  12. I. Suite No. 1 – I. Caprice: Waltz tempo (3:02)
  13. II. Suite No. 1 – II. Feuillet d’album: Andante (3:23)
  14. III. Suite No. 1 – III. Scherzo (4:09)
  15. IV. Suite No. 1 – IV. Waltz (3:49)
  16. V. Suite No. 1 – V. Moto perpetuo (3:59)
  17. I. Suite No. 2 – I. Prelude – Presto (5:09)
  18. II − II. Caprice – Allegro scherzando (3:39)
  19. III − III. Chopsticks Theme (0:45)
  20. IV − IIIa. Variation 1 (0:38)
  21. V − IIIb. Variation 2 (0:25)
  22. VI − IIIc. Variation 3 (0:48)
  23. VII − IIId. Variation 4 (0:22)
  24. VIII − IIIe. Variation 5 (0:31)
  25. IX − IIIf. Variation 6 (0:33)
  26. X − IIIg. Variation 7 (0:42)
  27. XI − IIIh. Variation 8 (1:36)
  28. XII − IV. Intermezzo (3:51)
  29. XIII − V. Finale – Jig (4:22)
  30. − Suite No. 3 – Ballet (6:08)



This is the authoritative edition of Erik Chisholm’s music. We are fortunate to have such an exemplary production… it is hardly possible to listen to [the 7 CDs] and not wonder how such an important contributor to the literature of the piano has gone virtually unnoticed by lovers of piano music… ought to have international status…. the liner–notes by John Purser are essential reading. The sound recording is superb. I repeat my assertion that this series of CDs showcases one of the most important musical discoveries and revelations of the 21st century.

” —John France

[A] major series of recordings. Bravo to all involved over at that enterprising record company, Divine Art, and to McLachlan for his clear devotion to this music.

” —Colin Clarke
Music And Vision

Includes the four Elegies, a concentrated and cohesive group of pieces which no-one…. will want to be without. McLachlan’s conviction, his effortless technique, his avoidance of exaggerated rubato and the clarity of his textures, aided by the enviable acoustics and excellent piano, and the intimate but not intrusively close microphone placement, all combine to make [this last CD of the series] more than a mere tying up of loose ends.

” —Michael Graubart

Chisholm was a master of the piano miniature… five Elegies, quasars in piano form… Suites are jam-packed with inventive, subtle and tantalising rhythms, harmonies and effects. [an] outstanding piano series.

” —Byzantion

Murray McLachlan has done a very fine job in his seven CDs of Erik Chisholm’s piano music and the music world should be very grateful to him. It is time that people started listening to [Chisholm’s] piano music. Much of which has the essential quality of greatness which is originality… I would say that his is an independent just as Janacek was. In Chisholm’s music there is sometimes an uncompromising virtuosity which McLachlan is certainly equal to. If music is about communication, then both the composer and performer have succeeded.

” —David C.F. Wright
MusicWeb International

Of tartan clichés and petty-coat shortcake there is thankfully none. Music quaffing deep from the authentic Celtic aquifer

” —Rob Barnett