Erik Chisholm Music for Piano, Vol. 6


Catalogue No: DDV 24149
EAN/UPC: 809730414923
Release Date: September 2010
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 77:30

Continuing the amazingly high standards of compositional brillannce and virtuoso performance which led MusicWeb to call the first volumes of this series ‘one of the musical discoveries and revelations of the 21st century’, this CD should go further to cement Chisholm’s reputation as the composer of a large amount of music which is totally unique, with its mix of Eastern and Scottish influences, and use of ancient Scots airs and motifs.

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Track Listing

    Erik Chisholm:

  1. I. Ceol Mor Dances – I. Adagio (1:20)
  2. II. Ceol Mor Dances – II. Andante moderato (1:44)
  3. III. Ceol Mor Dances – III. Allegretto scherzando (2:05)
  4. IV. Ceol Mor Dances – IV. Allegretto grazioso (2:43)
  5. V. Ceol Mor Dances – V. Allegro moderato e grandioso (4:23)
  6. VI. Ceol Mor Dances – VI. Tranquillo – Presto (4:25)
  7. I. Dunedin Suite – I. Prelude (5:32)
  8. II. Dunedin Suite – II. Sarabande (2:45)
  9. III. Dunedin Suite – III. Caprice (2:33)
  10. IV. Dunedin Suite – IV. Strathspey (3:44)
  11. V. Dunedin Suite – V. Jig (1:39)
  12. I. Scottish Airs – I. A bhanarach dhonna a’ chruidh (0:37)
  13. II. Scottish Airs – II. Ceud soraidh nam do’n Ailleagan (1:29)
  14. III. Scottish Airs – III. Untitled (1:32)
  15. IV. Scottish Airs – IV. Untitled (0:35)
  16. V. Scottish Airs – V. ‘s mi air cragan na sgura (1:22)
  17. VI. Scottish Airs – VI. Ossian an deigh nam Fion (1:00)
  18. VII. Scottish Airs – VII. Aisling (0:49)
  19. VIII. Scottish Airs – VIII. Lament for McGriogair of Roro (1:32)
  20. IX. Scottish Airs – IX. Jig (1:09)
  21. Dance of the Princess Jaschya-Sheena (2:38)
  22. I. The Wisdom Book – I. He comes in with his 5 eggs and 4 of them rotten (0:18)
  23. II. The Wisdom Book – II. Better ane bird in ye hand than two in the Busche (0:26)
  24. III. The Wisdom Book – III. None so deaf (0:21)
  25. IV. The Wisdom Book – IV. Let him that’s culd blow out the cole (0:20)
  26. V. The Wisdom Book – V. As the old coke craws the young coke learns (0:20)
  27. VI. The Wisdom Book – VI. Better barins greet than beardit men (0:16)
  28. VII. The Wisdom Book – VII. Weaponis bode peace (0:29)
  29. VIII. The Wisdom Book – VIII. The tortoise and the hare (0:25)
  30. IX. The Wisdom Book – IX. He who permits (0:28)
  31. X. The Wisdom Book – X. Quha can sing sa merrie a not as he (0:28)
  32. XI. The Wisdom Book – XI. Set a beggar on horsbak and he will run his hors out of breth (0:42)
  33. I. Night Song of the Bards – Six Nocturnes – I. First Bard: Andante sostenuto (3:38)
  34. II. Night Song of the Bards – Six Nocturnes – II. Second Bard: Allegro tempestuoso (5:41)
  35. III. Night Song of the Bards – Six Nocturnes – III. Third Bard: Adagio, dolce e poco cantabile (4:19)
  36. IV. Night Song of the Bards – Six Nocturnes – IV. Fourth Bard: Appassionato e dramatico (4:24)
  37. V. Night Song of the Bards – Six Nocturnes – V. Fifthe Bard: Lento tranquillo (3:53)
  38. VI. Night Song of the Bards – Six Nocturnes – VI. Sixth Bard (The Chief): Adagio (5:09)


MusicWeb International

One especially important collection, Night Songs of the Bards… embraces a wide range of rhythmic complexity and lyric introspection. [Murray McLachlan’s] technical armoury and ear for colour are both impeccable and he brings these pieces to life with tremendous intensity and panache. With a good recording and booklet notes, those who have been following this series will eagerly wish to acquaint themselves with this release.

” —Jonathan Woolf

The tunes are handled with imagination but most of all, affection. McLachlan triumphs wonderfully. Worthy of more exposure in the concert hall… another stimulating volume from McLachlan

” —Colin Clarke
MusicWeb International

I was impressed with the sheer magical quality of this music. The playing is superb… the programme notes are extensive and excellent. This is, and will remain, the definitive edition of Erik Chisholm’s piano music for many years to come. A magnificent effort. It is a monument to Scottish, European and World music by any standards of judgement.

” —John France
Midwest Record

The piano great, McLachlan, strays from his romance with Russian piano masters to tackle the sounds of other spaces… One of our great musical sherpas, McLachlan is always worth checking out once he gets a new journey going

” —Chris Spector