Catalogue No: DDA 25145
EAN/UPC: 809730514534
Artists: , , , ,
Composers: , , , ,
Release Date: May 2017
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 77:40

A varied range of masterful works from English 20th century composers – some familiar and all major works of importance. Elgar composed his Enigma Variations at the piano; it was always suitable for a solo version and Elgar himself wrote this. Bowen’s Flute Sonata is well known – a Romantic staple —
as is Leighton’s Elegy, which deserves to be better known. The piano solo work Folio I is lively and full of fun, while the two Sonnets of Rubbra are exquisitely gorgeous and absolutely essential listening.

Fine performances by pianist Elspeth Wyllie who is an accomplished soloist and chamber musician/accompanist, working throughout the UK and other countries. The young set of musicians here show exceptional talent and musicianship in the recorded works which are very varied yet make up a coherent concert album.

Track Listing

    Edward Elgar: Enigma Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 36 (Elgar’s own piano version)

  1. I. Theme: Enigma (1:40)
  2. II. Variation I. C.A.E. (2:12)
  3. III. Variation II. H-D.S.P. (0:55)
  4. IV. Variation III. R.B.T. (1:19)
  5. V. Variation IV. W.M.B. (0:38)
  6. VI. Variation V. R.P.A. (2:06)
  7. VII.Variation VI. Ysobel (1:41)
  8. VIII. Variation VII. Troyte (1:06)
  9. IX. Variation VIII. W.N. (1:49)
  10. X. Variation IX. Nimrod (3:42)
  11. XI. Variation X. Dorabella (2:58)
  12. XII. Variation XI. G.R.S. (1:06)
  13. XIII. Variation XII. B.G.N. (2:37)
  14. XIV. Variation XIII *** (3:11)
  15. XV. Variation XIV E.D.U. (7:17)
  16. Kenneth Leighton:

  17. Elegy for cello and pianoforte (9:36)
  18. Edwin York Bowen: Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op. 120

  19. I. Allegro non troppo (8:09)
  20. II. Andante piacevole (4:18)
  21. III. Allegro con fuoco (4:21)
  22. Nicholas Sackman: Folio I

  23. I. Switchback (0:54)
  24. II. Jumping Jack (1:25)
  25. III. Pastorale (1:47)
  26. IV. Romanza (1:40)
  27. V. Chanson (2:12)
  28. VI. Rum Baba (1:13)
  29. Edmund Rubbra: Two Sonnets by William Alabaster, Op 87

  30. I. Upon The Crucifix (3:03)
  31. II. On the Reed of our Lord’s Passion (3:44)


Absolute Sound

It comes as a treat to hear Elspeth Wyllie’s thoughtful and expressive rendition of the original version [of Enigma], which offers an intimacy and sweetness that the orchestra can’t match. This is a nicely recorded and beautifully played program of often pensive music that’s perfect for a quiet, rainy autumn afternoon.

” —Mark Lehman

[Wyllie’s] sensitive molding of the moody [Enigma] theme is a joy from beginning to end—she shapes each of the variations in purely pianistic terms and in general succeeds brilliantly… a superlative performance. An unusual and rewarding collection.

” —Jim Svejda

playful Allegro con fuoco finale.” – Remy Franck (Pizzicato)

Wyllie has a flair for sound colours and tempi, with a secure technical and artistic touch. Given the somewhat exotic touch of the programme it is advisable to give these interesting tidbits a bite.

” —Hartmut Hein
MusicWeb International

[The piano version of Enigma Variations] will never supplant the orchestral version, but it is a pleasure to hear. It is splendidly played here by Elspeth Wyllie. The performance is superb in this eclectic selection of music. Elspeth Wyllie plays for all the pieces. Violist Alexa Beattie makes a fine contribution to the Rubbra. I felt that the cellist, Hetti Price engaged well with the Kenneth Leighton and Claire Overbury gave an enchanting performance of the Bowen Flute Sonata… [A] wide-ranging and thoroughly agreeable CD.

” —John France

Elspeth Wyllie interprets [The Enigma Variations] with very clear piano playing… the pianist, who has made quite a name for herself, is a good partner to cellist Hetti Price in Kenneth Leighton’s beautiful ‘Elegy’ and to Claire Overbury in Edwin York Bowen’s Flute Sonata, a lyrical composition with a very playful Allegro con fuoco finale.

” —Remy Franck
The Chronicle

This delightful album is out to coincide with Elgar’s 160th birthday on 2nd June. We confess to finding Elgar a little dusty of late, so this CD opens him up once again to repeated listening pleasure. The Elgar is complemented by a collection of other work by British composers… all of it is, as we say, rather delightful. A real treat.

” —Jeremy Condliffe
MusicWeb International

Generosity of duration contends with novelty of content in this fulsome collection. Wyllie has a firm yet sympathetically yielding grasp of this fine music [Enigma Variations] and… makes it sing without cloy or shudder.. Enigma works well and is accorded a natural voice that demands to be heard. The added works are also well worth your listening contemplation.

” —Rob Barnett