Electrifying Oboe


Catalogue No: MSV 77204
EAN/UPC: 809730720420
Artists: , ,
Composers: , , , , ,
Release Date: February 2014
Genres: ,
Discs: 2
Total Playing Time: 145:20

A fascinating array of new works for oboe and electronics, performed by the world’s No. 1 oboist in the New Music field. This music explores not only new techniques in electronics and sampling but also challenges the boundaries of the oboe and its sister instruments. The works by Roger Redgate and Michael Young contain a large proportion of improvisatory opportunities, so each performance is very different, and two versions of each are included here.

This set is another vital contribution to the evolution of art-music by some of Britain’s foremost artists.

Track Listing

    Roger Redgate:

  1. Concerto for Improvising Soloist and Two Ensembles (version 1) (20:57)
  2. David Gorton:

  3. Erinnerungspiel (16:39)
  4. Christopher Fox:

  5. Headlong (10:32)
  6. Michael Young:

  7. oboe_prosthesis (version 1) (12:15)
  8. Edwin Roxburgh:

  9. At the stil point of the turning world (15:13)
  10. David Gorton:

  11. Schmetterlingspiel (16:47)
  12. Christopher Fox:

  13. Broadway Boogie (8:15)
  14. Matthew Wright:

  15. English Landscape Painting (12:07)
  16. Michael Young:

  17. oboe_prosthesis (version 2) (11:42)
  18. Roger Redgate:

  19. concerto for improvising Soloist and Two Ensembles (version 2) (20:55)


International Record Review

A Tour de Force, while at the same time functioning as a self-contained, portable festival… an impressive selection of works with various collaborators [results in] wide-ranging excellence.

” —Roger Thomas

Music’s most forward-looking, technically mind-blowing oboist. Anyone who’s ever heard Redgate’s playing knows how unbelievable it is, & throughout Electrifying Oboe he demonstrates again & again why he’s the most celebrated oboist of our age.

” —Simon Cummings
Composition Today

Just about every kind of extended technique is explored, the wacky accompaniments adding to the novelty. The result, however, is highly engaging.

” —Christian Morris

I will gladly ac­knowledge that Christopher Redgate, who has for years specialized in avant-garde works for oboe, has amazing technique, and will tip my hat to the ingenuity of the six composers represented here. It is well recorded and marvelously played by all involved—no question of that.

” —Ronald E. Grames