David Dubery: Songs and Chamber Music


Catalogue No: MSV 28523
EAN/UPC: 809730852329
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Release Date: October 2011
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 78:47

David Dubery is a fine example of a modern composer refusing to be boxed in by boundaries, and like a growing number of his contemporaries, has developed a thoroughly individual, yet traditionally tonal and lyrical, style. Dubery’s special gift for enchantingly beautiful melodies is well demonstrated here as is the wide range of impressionist, abstract and quasi-autobiographical works, all of which are an absolute joy.

This recording was kindly supported by the Manchester Musical Heritage Trust

Track Listing

    David Dubery:

  1. Sonatina for Oboe and Piano (Threesome for Two Players) – I. Allegro vivace (1:34)
  2. Sonatina for Oboe and Piano (Threesome for Two Players) – II. Moderato (2:30)
  3. Sonatina for Oboe and Piano (Threesome for Two Players) – III. Presto – meno mosso – tempo primo (2:27)
  4. Three Songs to Poems by Robert Graves – No. 1 – Under the Olives (1:43)
  5. Three Songs to Poems by Robert Graves – No. 2 – I will write (1:45)
  6. Three Songs to Poems by Robert Graves – No. 3 – On Giving (1:03)
  7. Four Songs for Mezzo-soprano and Piano – Another Spring (2:25)
  8. Four Songs for Mezzo-soprano and Piano – Sudden Light (2:44)
  9. Four Songs for Mezzo-soprano and Piano – Onyons (1:15)
  10. Four Songs for Mezzo-soprano and Piano – The Birds (1:50)
  11. Suite from ‘Degrees of Evidence’ – Memory (2:33)
  12. Suite from ‘Degrees of Evidence’ – Certainty (1:11)
  13. Suite from ‘Degrees of Evidence’ – Possibilty (2:28)
  14. Suite from ‘Degrees of Evidence’ – Absurdity (1:19)
  15. Remember (3:11)
  16. Two Stopfordian Impressions – No. 1 – Pinch Belly Park (3:53)
  17. Two Stopfordian Impressions – No. 2 – The Glass Umbrella (2:08)
  18. Sonata for Cello and Piano – I. Vivace (3:29)
  19. Sonata for Cello and Piano – II. Lento (3:22)
  20. Sonata for Cello and Piano – III. Energico – lento – a tempo (4:25)
  21. Escapades – I. Moderato (1:34)
  22. Escapades – II. Lento (3:35)
  23. Escapades – III. Espressivo (2:30)
  24. Escapades – IV. Poco agitato (2:28)
  25. Walking Cimbrone (3:43)
  26. Harlequinade – Pantalone’s Minuet (3:42)
  27. Harlequinade – Colombina’s Intrigue (0:53)
  28. Harlequinade – Colombina’s Romance (4:08)
  29. Harlequinade – Arlecchino (3:46)
  30. Mrs Harris in Paris (3:45)



Sometimes I’m a bit slow to cotton on to the discoveries that my colleagues have made. In this case … I’m pleased that I’ve now made it. The download sounds very well. DISCOVERY OF THE MONTH OCTOBER 2012

” —Brian Wilson

The disc is a delight from beginning to end. There is nothing not to like about this CD if you’re interested in pleasing and well-crafted tonal music, full of charm and life. Performances and recording leave nothing to be desired, and the disc is highly recommended…

” —David DeBoor Canfield

This new issue on Metier devoted to songs and chamber music is just the ticket! A treasure trove of works recorded for the first time and in good sound and some very fine performances.

” —Charwood

Fascinating musical journey… [Dubery] works in a traditional musical language that is approachable, but sometimes demanding. The masterpiece in my opinion is the Cello Sonata… must surely enter the repertoire. There is not a bar of this piece that is not interesting, enjoyable and satisfying. All in all this is a great ‘retrospective’ CD of music by the Mancunian composer David Dubery. Let us hope that over the coming years many other works from his catalogue find their way into the recording studio.

” —John France
Recorder Magazine

David Dubery is firmly among … contemporary composers [who] are content to explore creatively more conventional forms and idioms and in doing so to present players and listeners with a very different set of challenges and rewards [than the cutting edge of modernity]… this music is indeed a treat for listeners too.

” —Andrew Mayes
Albion Magazine

This is attractive and inoffensive music. Dubery writes in a lyrical and accessible vein. The performances are all of a reasonably high standard with an impressive line-up of artists.

” —Em Marshall-Luck
American Record Guide

The instrumental works are quite concise… conservative harmonically. It is very pleasant to listen to. Though not particularly deep in its emotional pull, it has much beauty and humour. All of the performers here are competent and seem to be enjoying themselves… [the] quite lovely songs are sung with beautiful intonation and clear diction by Murray. I enjoyed it a great deal

” —D Moore

I would heartily like to recommend [this disc] as a superb example of modern chamber music. Everything is 5 star. The virtuoso playing from the eminent musicians … is breathtaking. [Dubery] should be a household name in the classical music world!

” —Annie

I use classical music to help me to relax after a long day at work, and this CD is perfect, especially those songs with vocals, sung beautifully by Adrienne Murray. My favourite is Sudden Light, closely followed by Remember. I could listen to her sing all day! I wish I could say more about the […]

” —Blatant biblioholic

This CD by David Dubery is a stunning showcase of his amazing talent as a composer. The beautiful voice of Adrienne Murray suits the songs well and she conveys the meaning of each song wonderfully. David Dubery is one of todays great talents and hopefully we will hear a lot more from him

” —Anne Louise