Dan Evans: Au Vieux Moulin


Catalogue No: DSM 20007
EAN/UPC: 809730999727
Release Date: September 2014
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 49:30

Dan Evans continues to develop his music from folk roots introducing new more classically-oriented instrumentals for guitar and mountain dulcimer. This is a superb album all round from the music, the recorded sound and luxury packaging. Dan is the UK’s leading exponent of the mountain dulcimer and is here joined on two tracks with the world no. 1, Stephen Seifert: recorded in Nashville. Also starring are vocalist Rebecca Hallworth and guitarist/bass player Andy Crowdy. This is the fifth album from Dan. Check out the DanSing list for others.

Track Listing

    Danny Holmes/Dan Evans:

  1. New Lang Syne
  2. Cyril Tawney:

  3. The Grey Funnel Line
  4. /Dan Evans:

  5. Le Ruisseau du Moulin
  6. John Denver:

  7. Annie’s Song (Denver)
  8. Dan Evans:

  9. Guitar Interlude in C
  10. John Newton:

  11. Amazing Grace
  12. Dan Evans:

  13. D’Accord
  14. Guitar Interlude in E
  15. Francis McPeake:

  16. The Wild Mountain Thyme
  17. Dan Evans:

  18. Bullet Train
  19. Roger Nicholson:

  20. A New Elizabethan Suite: II. The Allington Pavan (Nicholson)
  21. Dan Evans:

  22. Watch the Stars
  23. Etude
  24. Dan Evans/Bob Stuart:

  25. The Wind among the Heathers/Columbine
  26. John Denver:

  27. Annie’s Song (Reprise)
  28. traditional:

  29. Farewell, Farewell
  30. Dan Evans:

  31. Long Road to Memphis
  32. Doucement s’en va jour (trad.)


Dulcimer Players News

Dan Evans has recorded a “must-have” CD for all mountain dulcimer players, students, and fans of the instrument. His new recording, entitled “Au Vieux Moulin,” has a remarkable diversity of textures and styles. Dan is known for his virtuosic fingerpicking, and this collection continues the tradition. Dan is a gifted photographer and the fold-out CD pack, complete with a booklet describing each track, is a stunning package. Some of the most expressive dynamics I’ve ever heard on a mountain dulcimer–ever! Dan uses the subtle dynamic range of the dulcimer to the fullest extent possible, and this is true throughout the entire project. Rebecca Hallworth’s voice perfectly complements Dan’s sensitive dulcimer playing. Dan Evans is truly leading the way on the mountain dulcimer in the UK, and “Au Vieux Moulin” is his strongest album yet.

” —Jerry Rockwell
Nonsuch News

Dan’s trademark clarity and precision of playing style is present throughout, and at its best he displays a lyricism and freedom of expression which is truly exhilarating. All in all, this is a very satisfying listen. The sound quality of the CD is excellent and Dan’s playing is never less than immaculate – a great balance of new and old, tunes and songs, the old lyrical style and a new, more insistent Dan Evans sound. I, for one, am eager to find out in which direction he goes next.

” —Geoff Reeve Black

This album is Dan’s fifth and is a success from start to finish. It amazes me how such a simple instrument as the mountain dulcimer can be made to produce such beautiful sounds. I thoroughly recommend this album.

” —Simon Bailes
Acoustic Magazine

Dan works through an astonishing variety of tunes and soundscapes … gifted with seemingly limitless imagination. It’s all incredibly pure and all incredibly beautiful.

” —JP

There’s a quiet, dignified beauty and simplicity in what Dan Evans does and it’s very much in evidence throughout his latest album. [He] consistently surprises with the ingenuities of his arrangements. A coherent and graceful collection.

” —Steve Caseman
Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer

A beautifully produced album and a majority of the tracks demonstrate Dan’s wonderful fingerstyle technique. And it has a certain Mr Stephen Seifert guesting on two of the tracks. There are a mixture of old favourites and new compositions, both with and without vocals, all wonderfully arranged.

” —Robin Clarke