Cosmic Light


Catalogue No: MSV 28516
EAN/UPC: 809730851520
Release Date: January 2010
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 74:04

Keith Barnard is a British composer whose music, rooted in spiritual exploration, both Eastern and Western, and is what is generically and rather loosely called “New Age” but which description does his thoughtful and deeply felt compositions a disservice. This world premiere recording is finely executed by American pianist Jeffrey Grossman.

Track Listing

    Keith Barnard:

  1. Nocturne (8:28)
  2. The Ascended Healing Rays of the Cosmic Light (52:59)
  3. The Palace of Hsi Wang Mu (12:40)



Barnard’s music is often explicitly linked with healing and colour rays, outlining influences that include Romantic era composers such as Chopin and Liszt, moving through the mysticism of Scriabin and Alan Hovhaness. Superbly performed by musical chameleon Jeffrey Grossman. If you like vast, exotic landscapes and the type of music that can transport you into realms that might have been hinted at in your more pleasant dreams then this is a fine place to take those journeys.

” —Dominy Clements