Cooman: The Cloak with the Stars


Catalogue No: DDA 25159
EAN/UPC: 809730515927
Release Date: November 2017
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 77:00

Carson Cooman is many things musical – organist and Composer in Residence at the Memorial Church, Harvard University; writer, critic and consultant, concert organist, and above all a highly prolific composer of music in a wide variety of genres, from orchestral to song.

His organ compositions come in many styles, from liturgical models, to more gritty and substantial pieces such as his organ symphonies and preludes and fugues. Much of the music here, tonal and accessible though never lacking in complex chromaticism, was written for and dedicated to the German composer Andreas Willscher whose works Cooman is also recording for Divine Art.

Erik Simmons is a fine organist, making his sixth Cooman organ album for Divine Art. He is playing the Cavaillé-Coll organ of the Abbey of Saint-Etienne, Caen, France in a live performance recorded through the Hauptwerk system.

This is volume 6 of this highly praised series. Volume 7 is scheduled for release in March 2018.

Track Listing

    Carson Cooman(b.1982):

  1. Three St. Francis Legends – I. St. Francis Divests Himself of All Worldly Wealth
  2. Three St. Francis Legends – II. St. Francis and the Sermon to the Birds
  3. Three St. Francis Legends – III. St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio
  4. Piccola fantasia francescana
  5. The Cloak with the Stars
  6. Entrata festiva
  7. Diptych for New Life – I. Aubade
  8. Diptych for New Life – II. Toccata
  9. Gebet
  10. Sketch No. 3
  11. Ciaccona angelica
  12. Variations on a Theme of Andreas Willscher
  13. San Andreas Suite – I. Carillon in festo S. Andreae apostoli
  14. San Andreas Suite – II. Versets on a Melody from Perigord
  15. San Andreas Suite – III. Pastorale mit einem Orgelpunkt
  16. San Andreas Suite – IV. Toccata perigourdine



Most of the music on this disc is quiet, tonal, and consonant… all of the music is solidly crafted. Fans of Cooman’s music will definitely wish to add this to their burgeoning collections; recommended accordingly.

” —James A. Altena
Choir & Organ

The dominant accent is contemplative…both the two larger pieces move seamlessly between the sublime and the ecstatic, with Simmons revelling in the unfettered energy.

” —Michael Quinn
The Whole Note

Erik Simmons now enjoys an established reputation for a level of expertise with Cooman’s repertoire. One of Cooman’s strengths as a composer is his ability to use programmatic material, he remains free enough to create highly atmospheric works. Cooman’s writing is colourful and highly effective.

” —Alex Baran
New Classics

Cooman’s organ compositions come in many styles… tonal and accessible though never lacking in complex chromaticism. Simmons plays with fine technique and assurance and the live recording quality is outstanding.

” —John Pitt
Classical Music Sentinel

All the pieces on this CD are new compositions from this year, but organist Erik Simmons plays them as confidently as if he’d known them for years… they are all distinctively different and varied in style, expression and technique. Quite fascinating!

” —Jean-Yves Duperron