Chamber Music by Veale and Crawford


Catalogue No: MSV 28520
EAN/UPC: 809730852022
Artists: , ,
Composers: ,
Release Date: February 2011
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 77:41

Among the so-varied styles of music being written and constructed today, there remains a vibrant and strong lyrical tradition, focussed on the English school. Proving that such work is still fresh and relevant, here are exquisite pieces for clarinet, recorder and string quartet by Robert Crawford and the late John Veale. Modern idioms which also incorporate classical and Romantic traditions. We regret to note that Bob Crawford died on January 26, 2012.

Track Listing

    Jon Veale:

  1. I. String Quartet – I. Allegro molto moderato (8:29)
  2. II. String Quartet – II. Lento (9:05)
  3. III. String Quartet – III. Allegro molto (7:49)
  4. Robert Crawford:

  5. I. Elegiac Quintet for Recorder and String Quartet – I. Moderato (3:51)
  6. II. Elegiac Quintet for Recorder and String Quartet – II. Elegy : Lento (4:07)
  7. III. Elegiac Quintet for Recorder and String Quartet – II. Scherzando e ritmico (3:31)
  8. John Veale:

  9. Impromptu for solo recorder (3:29)
  10. Robert Crawford:

  11. I. Three Two-part Inventions for Recorder and Clarinet – I. Comodo (2:01)
  12. II. Three Two-part Inventions for Recorder and Clarinet – II. Andante (2:21)
  13. III. Three Two-part Inventions for Recorder and Clarinet – III. Vivace (1:50)
  14. John Veale:

  15. Triptych for Recorder and String Quartet (5:55)
  16. Robert Crawford:

  17. I. Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet – I. Allegro moderato (10:16)
  18. II. Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet – II. Lento e semplice – quasi allegro-tempo primo-quasi allegro (12:06)



The music is well crafted, well performed, and it is worth getting know…

” —Alan Swanson

The music encompasses various moods and much if the invention is both fresh and strikingly original. Veale knows how to write a melody and to present it cogently. [Crawford’s] Clarinet Quintet is a fantastically imaginative piece and is surely one of Crawford’s masterpieces. This is a generously timed disc and the enterprise… is to be valued.

” —Rob Barnett

At last… John Veale’s String Quartet is available… [a] gem. [The Impromptu] is magical. Crawford  has comparatively few works to his name but is rightly admired…  he is a craftsman of the highest order. Splendid music. John Turner is known as the UKs finest recorder player and his performances are excellent and reliable. [ Linda Merrick’s] sound and intonation is first class.  The Adderbury Ensemble are also very good as is the sound. An important CD.

” —Linda Karen Dowson
American Recorder

English recorderist John Turner continues to impress. The work [of Veale and Crawford] stand richly in the tradtiion of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Turner plays with grace and expressive, yet restrained, taste that fit the music well. OF special interest is Crawford’s Inventions… playful, tuneful, enjoyable for the listener.. the instrumental timbres work very well together.

” —Tom Bickley
Oxford Times

[this] new CD of three of [Veale’s] chamber works is most welcome. Impromptu for solo recorder, with its impression of a skylark singing at full throttle, is an amazing demonstration of the recorder’s versatility. Expertly recorded, the Adderbury Ensemble plays with great commitment throughout.

” —Giles Woodforde
Classical Music Sentinel

The main attraction… is the admirable String Quartet by John Veale. The music of Robert Crawford… is a bit more angular and forward looking in its layout which serves as a good foil to Veale’s more traditional views. The three works on the CD well exploit the chamber music idiom. The Adderbury Ensemble, John Turner and Linda Merrick all come across with conviction… their emotional perceptions serve the music very well. Metier… has done us a fine service.

” —Jean-Yves Duperron
The Strad

Likeable harmonic language… a pleasing modern mix of tonality and atonality. The playing of John Turner and Linda Merrick is admirable, but the beautifully prepared performances from the Adderbury Ensemble are most impressive.

” —David Denton
Music And Vision

John Veale left for us a wealth of fine music that deserves greater exposure. String Quartet [is] and energetic and yet lyrical, imaginative work. [Crawford’s] Two Part Inventions for recorder and clarinet… an unexpected combination that is well managed

” —Patric Standford

These two composers make fascinating and well-contrasted bedfellows. The indomitable John Turner is more than aided by the Adderbury Ensemble… graced by the lyrical and silky tone of Linda Merrick. Superb and understanding performance … fascinating and enterprising disc.

” —Gary Higginson