Camilleri: Orchestral Music


Catalogue No: DDV 24126
EAN/UPC: 809730412622
Artists: , , ,
Release Date: June 2008
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 76:45
Sample: Concertino no. 4 - first movement (extract)

A feast of orchestral fun as Maltese composer Charles Camilleri pays tribute to his country’s people and folk traditions. The unashamedly “light music” of the Malta Suite and Knights of Malta Ballet is sheer joy, as are the slightly more serious but still effervescent and thoroughly traditional pieces such as the Concertino for two pianos and orchestra which features the world renowned Micallef-Inanga Duo. Accomplished clarinettist Godfrey Mifsud also appears, and all Maltese artists donated their service free to this disc to aid charity.

Track Listing

    Charles Camilleri:

  1. I. Knights of Malta Suite – Overture (3:05)
  2. II. Knights of Malta Suite – Court Dance (2:21)
  3. III. Knights of Malta Suite – Air de Branle (3:43)
  4. IV. Knights of Malta Suite – Grandmaster’s dance (2:50)
  5. V. Knights of Malta Suite – Celebration (2:24)
  6. I. Concertino no. 4 for Two Pianos and Orchestra – Allegro vivace (3:14)
  7. II. Concertino no. 4 for Two Pianos and Orchestra – Andante (4:34)
  8. III. Concertino no. 4 for Two Pianos and Orchestra – Vivo (4:39)
  9. I. Four Legends – The Folk Singer from Birguma (4:45)
  10. II. Four Legends – The Watchmaker from Gozo (2:57)
  11. III. Four Legends – The Bride of Mosta (5:15)
  12. IV. Four Legends – Grand Polka March (3:44)
  13. Overture Classique (7:58)
  14. Intermezzo from Il Weghda (6:10)
  15. I. Malta Suite – Country Dance (3:16)
  16. II. Malta Suite – Waltz (3:53)
  17. III. Malta Suite – Nocturne (4:29)
  18. IV. Malta Suite – Village Festa (5:21)



This collection is one of the most rewarding compilations I have encountered in a long time… consistently attractive and often hauntingly tuneful,… resourcefully inventive, elegantly crafted and richly scored. These sparkling performances from Brain Schembri and the excellent Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra could not be more stylish or persuasively spontaneous, and the vividly atmospheric recording is first rate. Not to be missed.

” —Ivan March

The Malta Suite is a remarkable work from someone so young. The disc is well programmed. The recording captures the sultry but restrained warmth of the strings to perfection. This is thoroughly enjoyable music, undemanding yet often exquisitely crafted.

” —Colin Clarke
MusicWeb International

A lovely disc with unpretentious, colourful, well-crafted works in very fine performances. Light music, maybe, but of the highest order. Do not expect any earthshaking masterpieces here, but a bunch of attractive and enjoyable miniatures.

” —Hubert Culot
Midwest Record

A symphony [orchestra] in tow that has a real feel for the works.  Quite a dandy diversion that almost bops along like a pop record.

” —Chris Spector