British Music for Piano Duo


Catalogue No: DDV 24154
EAN/UPC: 809730415425
Composers: , , ,
Release Date: June 2012
Genres: , ,
Periods: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 74:29

Originally released on Albany and Olympia, this disc has been regularly sought after so we are pleased to be able to offer it again. As well as the phenomenal Planets for two pianos (despite views to the contrary this was Holst’s original version, predating the orchestral score and the later piano duet transcription), the disc includes Holst’s own two-piano version of the Elegy from his Symphony in F, and Elgar’s own arrangement for two pianos of his Serenade in E minor; also we have two little known but exquisite miniatures from Frank Bury and Edgar Bainton, almost forgotten figures in early 20th century English music.


Track Listing

    Edward Elgar:

  1. I. Serenade in E minor, Op. 20 – I. Allegro piacevole (2:53)
  2. II. Serenade in E minor, Op. 20 – II. Larghetto (4:49)
  3. III. Serenade in E minor, Op. 20 – III. Allegretto – tempo primo (2:20)
  4. Frank Bury:

  5. I. Prelude and Fugue in E flat major – I. Prelude (2:08)
  6. II. Prelude and Fugue in E flat major – II. Fugue (3:09)
  7. Edgar Bainton:

  8. I. Miniature Suite – I. Minuet (1:05)
  9. II. Miniature Suite – II. Barcarolle (2:06)
  10. III. Miniature Suite – III. English Dance (1:13)
  11. Gustav Holst:

  12. Elegy In Memoriam William Morris (8:30)
  13. I. The Planets – Mars, The Bringer of War (6:12)
  14. II. The Planets – Venus, The Bringer of Peace (7:06)
  15. III. The Planets – Mercury, The Winged Messenger (3:46)
  16. IV. The Planets – Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity (7:37)
  17. V. The Planets – Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age (8:41)
  18. VI. The Planets – Uranus, The Magician (5:14)
  19. VII. The Planets – Neptune, The Mystic (6:23)


Audiophile Audition

[Bury’s Prelude and Fugue is] rhythmically audacious … the Elegy part-writing remains clear and smoothly lucid: the music gathers a quiet momentum, grave and even colossal at moments. [In The Planets] the quick splash and shift of keys and textures certainly argue for the gymnastic abilities of our keyboard duo. More than esoteric or pedantic value, serving as an insight into the composers’ vertical thinking.

” —Gary Lemco
British Regional Press

absorbing recital… the keyboard duo do full justice to this mighty creation [The Planets]

” —Kevin Bryan

If you were fans of Racwicz & Landauer or Rostal & Schaefer – you’ll love this. You would almost think it was one pianist playing twice, so secure is the understanding! And yet the piano that has the tune is always cleverly balanced sufficiently well for the second piano to be clearly playing an accompaniment.From […]

” —Philip Baldwin

Through much of history, most people never heard orchestral works played by full orchestras. They heard small “salon” orchestras play “highlights” or they heard piano duo versions. The Planets is well-suited for two pianos, having been thoughtfully arranged that way by its composer, Gustav Holst. The beauty of the two-piano arrangement is that the musical […]

” —Bryan A.

This is my first exposure to the piano team of Goldstone and Clemmow and it certainly makes me want to hear more from them. They possess subtlety, power, elegance and intellect. This CD deserves to reach an audience well beyond that of lovers of obscure two-piano literature.

” —Dave Saemann
American Record Guide

As with all of their releases so far, I find the choice of repertoire matched by {the duo’s] fabulous performances. These are two consummate musicians completely in tune with each other’s playing. Inventive programming that has uncovered many unknown works and resurrected others has made them one of the most enjoyable duos I have become acquainted with over the past several years.

” —Harrington
International Record Review

Gustav Holst wrote a great deal of wonderful music, but it remains a mystery why he never again produced anything as invigorating, memorable and original as The Planets. So it is all the more intriguing to encounter The Planets in a new and startling guise… a performance which, as here, seems positively to revel in this new-found leanness, sometimes even percussive glare. I defy any listener not to be shaken and stirred. [The Elgar] arrangement comes off surprisingly well, not least because the more brittle sound of the piano adds a distinct, even welcome, touch of muscle to the contours of the piece. The mixture on this disc of old wine in new bottles, together with a splash of Beaujolais nouveau, is one to savour.

” —Piers Burton-Page
MusicWeb International

Restores Goldstone & Clemmow’s terrific all-British recording … in some style with an attractively laid out booklet note. [The Elgar Serenade makes for most diverting listening allowing one to hear the harmonic development with that much more immediacy. Goldstone & Clemmow play The Planets with genuine percussive intensity. They manage to convey the writing, on its pianistic lines, as a valid musical experience in itself. This excellent disc thus presents an enjoyably varied programme offering a revivifying slant on British piano music.

” —Jonathan Woolf
The Classical Reviewer

Holst knew that only a large orchestra could do full justice to his Planets but this recording by the brilliant duo Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow show precisely what can be gained in a two piano performance. Elgar’s duet version of his Serenade for String Orchestra provides a complete contrast, lending itself well to the piano in a performance of intimacy, with the music never forced. [Bury’s] Prelude and Fugue gets a wonderful performance on this disc bringing out a real depth of feeling in the prelude and providing a scintillating fugue. Bainton’s short Miniature Suite for piano duet is something of a small gem. There can be no doubt that Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow are one of the finest piano duos around and the recording … is full, clear and detailed.

” —Bruce Reader
MusicWeb International

The two-piano version of The Planets .. is a valid account of this work that inspires, excites and often astounds. [Bury’s] Prelude is a masterclass in the genre of English ‘pastoral’ … [Bainton’s] Miniature Suite is a perfect small-scale outing. This is an important release from Divine Art. The recording is excellent. The playing of all the works is superb.

” —John France
Classical Music Sentinel

A wonderful recording of piano rarities, expertly performed. Gustav Holst’s original two piano version of The Planets was in and of itself complete. The pictoresque, evocative, symbolic and elemental essence behind the music was all there … it was already a masterpiece in its original two piano version. Goldstone and Clemmow have everything planned out so well, that the choice of instrument becomes irrelevant. I will not go into any detail about the other pieces on this CD, except to say that they are all wonderful little gems within the two piano repertoire, and act as great appetizers before the main course. If you are piano fans, Holst fans, Planets fans, or Goldstone and Clemmow fans, and missed out on this recording in its original incarnations, don’t make the same mistake twice. This is musicianship at its best, in ear opening interpretations.

” —Jean-Yves Duperron