Brian Chapple Piano Music


Catalogue No: DDA 25056
EAN/UPC: 809730505621
Release Date: August 2007
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 70:21

Brian Chapple is a British composer of great skill who has not yet been as fully recognised as he deserves. This CD includes music for both solo piano and piano duo, demonstrating a range of styles from the very serious “Requies” to the fun-filled and jazz-inspired “Burlesque”. As ever, performed to perfection by Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow.

Track Listing

    Brian Chapple:

  1. I. Burlesque − 1. Con moto (2:52)
  2. II. Burlesque − 2. Con brio (2:40)
  3. III. Burlesque − 3. Allegretto (3:18)
  4. IV. Burlesque − 4. Vivace e giocoso (2:45)
  5. I. Piano Sonata − 1. Adagio (1:54)
  6. II. Piano Sonata − 2. Allegro (4:06)
  7. III. Piano Sonata − 3. Allegro energico (11:01)
  8. I. Bagatelles Diverses − 1. Introduction (3:33)
  9. II. Bagatelles Diverses − 2. Digression (1:21)
  10. III. Bagatelles Diverses − 3. Cantando (1:54)
  11. IV. Bagatelles Diverses − 4. Ostinato (1:52)
  12. V. Bagatelles Diverses − 5. Interval (1:02)
  13. VI. Bagatelles Diverses − 6. Spanish Dance (1:49)
  14. VII. Bagatelles Diverses − 7. Jig (3:30)
  15. VIII. Bagatelles Diverses − 8. Piacevole (3:12)
  16. IX. Bagatelles Diverses − 9. Conclusion (4:55)
  17. Requies (11:38)
  18. I. Four Pieces from “A Bit of a Blow” − 1. Allegro giocoso with swing (1:33)
  19. II. Four Pieces from “A Bit of a Blow” − 2. Steady, firm (2:32)
  20. III. Four Pieces from “A Bit of a Blow” − 3. Vivace (1:09)
  21. IV. Four Pieces from “A Bit of a Blow” − 4. Allegro con moto with swing (1:43)


The Classical Reviewer

[Chapple] has written some attractive music of real substance. So impressed was I by [the] Sonata that I took Anthony Goldstone’s superb pianism for granted. His performance really is magnificent. Caroline Clemmow’s playing of [the Bagatelles] is wonderful.. the richness of her playing towards the end of the work is superb. Anthony Goldstone really gets inside [Requies] conjuring up and intense and mesmerising performance. Jazz rhythms embrace [Four Pieces from ‘A Bit of a Blow’ in a piano performance of style and panache showing this duo’s astonishing artistry and versatility.

” —Bruce Reader
MusicWeb International

It is a great pleasure to be able to welcome a disc of unfamiliar music by a composer who has something to say and the ability to say it interestingly and economically. The playing of both players seems wholly convincing and indeed wholly at the service of the music… the recording quality is excellent … [an] enterprising and very enjoyable disc.

” —John Sheppard
Midwest Record

Certainly a find for those that love to discover the new. Goldstone and Clemmow bring [Chapple] the kind of exposure that will move him from the ranks of the cult hero. Dazzling players in their own right, this is a solid set that opens the ears whether moving through fun or serious works. Tasty

” —Chris Spector