Apostle of Ireland – an Office for St. Patrick


Catalogue No: DDA 25065
EAN/UPC: 809730506529
Artists: ,
Release Date: February 2008
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 78:03

This disc is dedicated to Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, as is the music itself. With texts newly translated from the original sources, this is a programme of 15th century plainchant, genuinely originating in Ireland, recorded here for the first time after extensive scholarly research. A major addition to the early sacred music repertoire. Performed by Canty, the renowned female-voice ensemble of Cappella Nova, with William Taylor (clarsach).

With full texts in Latin and English.

Track Listing

    anonymous (15th/16th century):

  1. Ecce fulget clarissima (3:24)
  2. Veneranda imminentis (1:14)
  3. Altare lapidum (0:31)
  4. Signo crucis edito (0:33)
  5. Aqua suis precibus (0:35)
  6. Collectis fragminibus (0:39)
  7. Magni patris sunt miranda (5:13)
  8. Exultent filii matris ecclesie (3:22)
  9. Christi puer capitur (0:50)
  10. Sis pro nobis sancte Patrici (1:01)
  11. Laudemus regem & Venite (8:19)
  12. Ad hanc doctor egregius (3:14)
  13. Servus Christi Patricius (0:31)
  14. Oritur vir beatus (0:25)
  15. Dum baptismo (0:45)
  16. Egregius Christi miles (3:26)
  17. Hic nutritus a puerica (3:09)
  18. Dum baptizandus (5:44)
  19. Nam cum cecus (0:39)
  20. Hic incursu piratico (0:30)
  21. Ducitur servus Christi (0:44)
  22. Hic iuvenis evo (2:16)
  23. igitur servus Christi (2:58)
  24. Quodam autem (3:43)
  25. Peracto iam sub servitute barbarica (0:40)
  26. Liberatus autem (0:37)
  27. Hunc beatus Germanus (0:34)
  28. Ductu angelico (3:17)
  29. Celestinus apostolicam tunc rexerat arcem (2:14)
  30. Pontificali infula (3:35)
  31. Beatus Patricius Scociam ingressus (0:41)
  32. Iubilemus puro corde Christo (0:26)
  33. Ut nos Deus (0:32)
  34. Cuncta celi terreque creatura (0:30)
  35. Laus et honor resonet (0:40)
  36. Iesu corona presulam (2:37)
  37. Benedictus sit Dominus (4:43)
  38. Gemma sacerdotum & Magnificat (3:01)


The Consort

a subtle and sensitive recreation of devotional music, meticulously researched, and convincingly performed. Canty are an ensemble whose voices maintain individual characteristics, while integrating into a seamlessly unified whole. Their discipline and their ravishing vocal quality make this recording a welcome moment of calm and devotion in an agitated time.

” —Sophie Brumfitt

The four singers give outstanding performances… their voices are quite different in timbre but they blend perfectly… William Taylor’s improvisations are stylish and never obtrusive and are a delightful addition. The reverberation of the church is just right. The booklet contains extended programme notes and all the lyrics with an English translation. A spellbinding recording… for lovers of liturgical music this is a disc not to be missed.

” —Johan van Veen
New Classics

Canty is Scotland’s only professional medieval music group and was formed by Rebecca Tavener in 1998, the 900th anniversary of the birth of Hildegard of Bingen. The group comprises the regular female singers with Cappella Nova, Scotland’s leading early music vocal ensemble. Together with regular collaborator, harpist William Taylor, they explore a unique repertoire combining […]

Classical Net

The singing is clear, crisp and very communicative. Each singer is clearly traveling in the same direction, on the same journey, as the others are – and as is William Taylor, the harpist. There is a clear and well maintained sense of purpose in the articulation of each of the texts. The style is relaxed. The unison singing very beautiful. The recording made with an appropriate amount of intimacy and delicacy without ever breathing at the listener. The singers of Canty convey a humility and reverence which aptly fits the gentle and assured nature of the music. This CD is a valid and well-executed collection of spare yet tuneful, melodically inventive and sophisticated music that is sure to please all lovers of early choral music. The CD comes with an attractively-produced booklet with texts in both Latin and English and a useful introductory essay. Recommended both for the rarity of repertoire and completely successful execution.

” —Mark Sealey

Canty are a four-strong all-female group who have, with some justification, been compared with Anonymous Four. Their first CD, of music by Hildegard of Bingen and from medieval Scotland, was released on the Dorian label; two more recordings of medieval Irish and Scottish music followed on the ASV Gaudeamus label. Felix femina (CDGAU360) approximates the […]

” —Brian Wilson
Audiophile Audition

A special disc… we are treated to a loaded program – 38 tracks of music that is probably not heard too often in its liturgical context. The sound is clear and concise, nicely warmed by the light resonance surrounding the singers. This is an affectionate tribute well worth the time, especially for chant lovers. – Steven Ritter

” —Steven Ritter
Mid West Record

This is an out of the way set that rewards the listener looking for a real and deep listening experience with music that is genuinely from another time and place.

” —Chris Spector